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SophiaMakoto on NAO (stats, games, deaths, dumplogs, ttyrecs)

Hey, my name is Sophia, also known as Athenian Goddess or Sophia Makoto. I am a 20 year old college student, majoring in Game Design Art. I've always been the idea-girl, so I specifically enjoy making concept art. I'm a "mediumcore" gamer and I particularly love strategy, simulation, and sandbox games.

I'm looking for a game coder. If you're interested, message me.


My last ascension I was VERY close to death, but had a few Amulets of Life-Saving just in case.

February 19, 2017 - Female Dwarvish Valkyrie 4828240 points (3.6.0)

December 3, 2016 - Female Dwarvish Valkyrie 9769546 points (3.4.3)


~π“’π‘œπ“…π’½π’Ύπ’Ά π“œπ’Άπ“€π‘œπ“‰π‘œ