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I've not been able to access this account since the migration from wikia.

So, I made 5thSetPin.

Then case-sensitivity became broken on login to this wiki, so I made 5thsetpin.

About me

5thSetPin on NAO [1] (thefifthsetpin was too long), I've however many ascensions it says I have (none elsewhere), right now that is 6.

For my first ascension, I stabbed my through the entire game with the first elven dagger I found. Later, I learned what an artifact weapon was and that, as a wizard, I probably should have tried to get MB. I do remember that holy water and curses were getting to be a serious problem.

When playing NH, I almost always attempt the protection racket, generally aiming for level 1 and occasionally hitting levels 2 or 3. My favorite racket was when my atheist wizard reached minetown with about 20kzm at level 1 before realizing that he didn't have anything to spend it on.

My contributions

My favorite pages

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