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  1. is legendarily crap at this game, with one of the lowest non-zero ascension rates (11 ascensions in 1611 games on NAO at time of going to press, or 0.68%)
  2. has still ascended eleven more times than most of the internet (1xVal 1xBar 1xWiz 1xArc 1xRan 1xMon 1xSam 1xPri 1xTou 1xCav 1xRog)
  3. struggled horribly to ascend an Arc (Val ascended game 241, Bar 309, Wiz 377, finally got an Arc up on 1355, Ran on 1437, Mon on 1456, Sam on 1466, Pri on 1472, Tou on 1539, Cav on 1560, Rog on 1611)
  4. was hampered by the fact that he was trying to ascend a wishless genoless polyless Arc
  5. had three games in that time that probably should have ascended (game 546 got raped by a foocubus on the way back up through Juiblex, game 731 didn't finish swapping gloves when grabbing a cockatrice corpse in the Wizard's Tower, game 1073 got doubleteamed by Demogorgon and a winged gargoyle in the Sanctum)
  6. was responsible for a legendary YASD non-ascension with a Bar; died on the Plane of Air with four amulets of life saving and 130 bits of food in possession
  7. is known as Kinitawowi around most of the rest of the internet
  8. took his Nethack name from his initial tendency to play Valkyries (Thyra was the Valkyrie from Gauntlet)
  9. is really a guy called Dave from Norfolk (UK)
  10. takes a minimum of one month's hiatus from Nethack after each ascension, on the grounds that otherwise it would EAT HIS LIFE
  11. will add to this thing later

Thyra on NAO (stats, games, deaths, dumplogs, ttyrecs)