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  • clear VoD, kill priest, get books, charm vamps (let mine town priest live)
  • price- and pet test stuff, including bones loot
  • cream pies
  • write magic mapping
  • enchant my armor more
  • levelport to 37, farm for an archon in Vlad's


E- ElberethElbereth

  1. u

.y///untrap boxes. Don't do several in case there really is a trap.

tjr3 going for 11-conduct (literate)

1: mostly done, no known sinks 2: armor shop(dead); boulder g3: lit g4: dark, know both stairs; 2 squeaky boards g5; lit, saddle, magic trap, squeaky board g6: town, lawful temple, gstore(done, loadstone), tool shop(), light shop(done, my starting +missile), 2 non-magic fountains, water demon g7: dark, mostly done g8: dark g9: dark, polytrap(secured, near >) g10: lit; trapped large box; virtually done g11: maze version, polytrap(secured), mostly done

3: 2 non-magic fountains; vault(NE). Got to XP8 from that one sink. 4: fountain(< non-magic), armor shop(still closed for inventory, has only junk) 5: done; grave(dug up; was it this level?) 6: sleeping trap, ex-fountains, magic trap 7: fountain(> , SC both non-magic ) grave(2x dug up), chaotic altar 8: rust trap, bear trap; huge loose pile near > 9: Oracle(#chat, statues, pools, fountains done), polytrap, teletrap 10: zoo(done), ex-fountain, vault(Nc), gray uni s9: main stash s8: 5 gray unicorns s7: rgeno setup s6: BoH, tame dog

11: gstore(), ex-fountain, many monsters near < 12: big room, still some leocrottas etc 13: grave(done), 14: anthole 15: sink(succubus) 16: quest, vaultporter, polytrap, non-magic fountain; chaotic altar q1: got permission on turn 26443; Neferet on the throne; eels alive q2: q3: locate q4: q5: nemesis, polytrap

17: rogue 18: levelporter 19: incubus 20: sink(sink), swamp(1 giant eel) 21: BONES(Anarchos@XP12, killed by an Olog-Hai), grave(dug), fountain() 22: nothing special (nurse ...), fountain() 23: fountain() 24: Medusa (titan)

28: VoD, no foocubi,

37-41 vlad's somewhere

read: 275 healing; 6086 tele; 15232 light; 15296 charm monster; 16895 drain life, confuse monster, det food; 17006 det monsters; 20586 healing, invisibility; 20663 sleep; 24173 knock; 27188 create monster;

nutrition: 7607-7643 no =slow; 9404 -4; 12107 -4; 12115 -2 ; // polyself at 13678; 24759;

Luck: 7625 -1; ..8246 -1; 16844 +15; 25200 -1; alignment: 24876 +4... 25843 =22 intr: speed(wand), invisible(wand), see invisible(fountain)

snapshots: 2010-07-01.0417 turn 20577, XP8, Co/In/Wi 18, Ch14, AC-5, [speed, [SDSM, [MR, [leather, =poison/conflict/TC/poly/..., (holding, stetho, 2 lamps, magic whistle, key,towel, mirror, second sack, luckstone, touchstone, Luck=max, 2 magic markers, Spells: force bolt, magic missile, healing, teleport away, light, charm monster, drain life, confuse monster, detect food, detect monsters (divination at skilled); "unchange, [displace; only 1 last holy water in stock (and no cursed water); water demon and cross-aligned temple in mine town

Todo: autopickup should not pick up chests/boxes, but should do fired ammunition and tripe

 #story rerolling for rings of polycontrol and slow digestion - 11 conduct attempt
  1. quit

yes q


  • whacked a gecko
  • killed by a giant bat -- I risked it, engraving despite being wounded.
  • lost pacifist: there was an orc zombie in a sokoban pit. Should have known better, they appear in hordes.
  • killed a newt in a long mal-paste