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About me

I've played Nethack on and off since around 1994. Around 1998, I introduced my then-girlfriend (now wife) to the game; she ascended in around 3-4 years. Around 2001, I introduced a college friend to the game; she ascended in around 3 months. After around 15 years of attempting to ascend mainly wizards and valkyries, I finally ascended a samurai in 2009:

3.4.3 4053012 7 -5 49 254 254 0 20090922 20090921 1000 Sam Hum Mal Cha Toshi,ascended

I still want to ascend a wizard.

Long, long ago, I contributed code to SLASH'EM. More recently, I contributed a port of Ray Chason's UTF-8 patch to v3.4.3. I've played with the PRNG exploit and found it to be an amusing academic diversion, similar to how I used to play around with (and contributed code to help people understand) the 3rd/4th-gen Pokémon PRNG.

If I were to chart my time, I'm pretty I'd find that I spend more of my time source-diving and reading about Nethack than actually playing the game.

My most-visited pages

TODO list

  • Write a quick CLI price-identification tool
  • Write a logfile scraper so I can chart my character preferences and deaths
  • Ascend a wizard