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I'm vanzant "Elbereth". I tend to use SLASH'EM 's explore mode as a wizard/other form of wizard, such as flame/ice mage or necromancer. I've ascended ONCE. and that was with wizard, Doppleganger, Male, Chaotic. Was alot of fun, especially once I hit level 18, and started using the liquid leap technique to jump out of shops, hitting the shopkeeper with my acid trail, fend off keystone kops, polymorph into a master mind flayer to destroy the shopkeeper, and then proceed to beat any other nearby monsters off before reading the spellbooks I'd stolen. I had around 5 ice spheres and 5 flame spheres following me at any given time for protection, and often polymorphed into a Water demon (After killing one as an energy vortex.) I'll say it again, it was ALOT of fun. --Vanzant Elbereth 01:26, 3 December 2007 (UTC)