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  • committed suicide - controlled levelport to dlvl 0.
  • killed by dangerous winds - On the bottom level of Sokoban, if you stop levitating while in one of the pits, you will fall over, taking 1d2 damage.
  • killed by leg damage from being pulled out of a bear trap - throw a heavy iron ball (chained to you) while trapped in a bear trap; you'll be pulled out of the trap.
  • petrified by( a | an | )(invisible|hallucinogen-distorted) .*$ - neither of these can be achieved by making a live cockatrice/chickatrice invisible or letting one hiss at you while you are hallucinating. Rather, you need to be petrified by an intelligent monster wielding a corpse while it's invisible or you're hallucinating.
  • went to heaven prematurely - controlled levelport to dlvl -10 (or above)
  • killed by an iron ball collision - walk downstairs while punished, not holding the iron ball.
  • dragged downstairs by an iron ball - walk downstairs while punished, holding the iron ball.