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Welcome, and some help with editing

Greetings, and welcome to NetHackWiki. A couple of tips for future edits:

  • Make article names nouns, as drain resistance, rather than adjectives, as drain resistant. This is not just good style, it can also help avoid creating duplicate pages.
  • Contrast these three styles of making links:
    • [[wraith]] produces wraith
    • [[wraith|W]] produces W, which likewise links to wraith
    • [ wraith] produces wraith

The internal link style is not just shorter, it also produces a red link like this if the target page does not exist. The external link style can't do that. An unexpected red link can be a hint that you have misspelled the name. In general, if you want to know how to do something, just find a page that does it and click on "edit" or "view source".--Ray Chason 02:41, 15 January 2008 (UTC)

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