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Stories in the main namespace

>Hi N8chz! Your enthusiasm for NetHack and NetHackWiki is most certainly >appreciated, but you might want to consider separating your in-game narratives >from the main article in some way :-)

Done. What about the user talk page(s), or talk pages in general? Until further notice I will not do direct copying even of <1k and putatively 'fair use' material.

> Your addition to mountain nymph is a nice illustration of the perils of >seduction, but it doesn't jibe with the "semi-encyclopedic" tone of other >pages. Have a look at how I changed it.

I did. Nice illustration of encyclopedism in action. Do you think at some time enough may be known about mountain nymphs to justify an article in their own right, and if so, will your redirect be a barrier to someone, anyone?

>You might also like to read the >formatting guide, and the help on >lists too, as I noticed that Taxonomy is rather broken.

I will when I get around tuit. I have downloaded the philes in question.

>Happy hacking and editing! :-) --Jayt 18:37, 12 July 2006 (UTC)

Likewise. Thank you for your patients (especially if you're a healer). I am a vagrant netizen, and therefore at a slight disadvantage when learning markup languages.