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PeterGFin on NAO (stats, games, deaths, dumplogs, ttyrecs) --PeterGFin 16:00, 19 December 2010 (UTC)

NetHack Real Life Item Costs

As an exercise I counted 384 items (counting all figurines and statues as 1 each). Since I am an Estimator, my starter pricing for reasonable interpretations of all items came to £170,801 (one 54mm scale 'figurine' of your choice, 1zm, 1 scroll, all statues would be POA, +delivery). An Excel file is available for all 383 individual items.

Item Type Total Price
All Amulets £1,100.00
All Artifacts £20,505.00
Ball and Chain £70.00
All Body Armour £86,850.00
All Books (includes metal covers as named) £3,575.00
All Boots £940.00
All Cloaks £1,915.00
All Gems (relatively low sizes and clarities) £10,200.00
All Gems- Glass £120.00
All Gloves £350.00
All Helmets £1,950.00
All Potions £548.00
All Rings (relatively low sizes and clarities) £6,315.00
All Shirts £60.00
All Stones (no boulder) £472.00
All Tools (landmine would be a problem) £9,106.00
All Wands (gems as above, solid metals as named) £12,735.00
All Weapons £13,885.00
Ten Scrolls with Calligraphy £300.00
Ten 3.99 / 3.7 gram Gold Zorkmids ('$' front, '@' reverse) £750.00

EXP Match

An EXP Match is a two player Nethack competitive game. Generally it would be played in hot seat, or a special NAO account set up for the purpose. It can be played with standard vanilla Nethack, the only equipment needed is a method of recording times and scores.

Players take turns to level up a character, earning points for levelling up faster than their opponent and ascending. Points are lost for dying. An EXP match typically features a 'home' and 'away' game with each player having a turn of selecting the starting character.

Game method. The home player starts a game under an EXP match account and selects a character. The home player takes Level 1, and will take every Odd level from now on. Their opponent is the away or Even player.

Each player is attempting to level up faster than the preceeding time set by their opponent. Immediately on levelling up they save the game, recording the Time and handing over the game to their opponent. If the level up took less than or equal to the number of whole turns than the previous player took for their last level up that player earns 1 point. The turn of the save is always the number used.

A player who ascends earns 3 points. A player who dies loses 3 points.

The winner after the home and away leg is the player with the highest total score.

- Tiebreaker 1: the player with most Ascensions wins.
- Tiebreaker 2: the player with least Deaths wins.

If there is still no winner after two Tiebreakers then the match is legitimately a Draw.


Hypothetically the home player would earn a point if he reached Level 2 and saved the game at while still on Turn 1.
The time is recorded at exactly the first point the player can save and hand over to their opponent. i.e. the Odd player would record a death, not a level up if he levelled up but was killed before he could save the game (either by retaliation or in helplessness)
Level loss is disregarded- it will simply take that player longer to reach their target level and handover.
XP level gains are not official during Polymorph, and are not recorded or saved until that ends and the XP level shows again.
Odd and Even players earn points for their respective levels, even if attained by their opponent. If a player gains more than one level at a time, either with a spectacular turn, due to Polymorph or helplessness he records his time as normal for the one level. The extra levels gained are timed and scored at Zero turns (i.e. always 1pt each). There is no need to save and handover if a players level is skipped for this reason- just continue.
Deliberately angering always peaceful creatures for opponent kills is deviant play, but is allowed for now.

--PeterGFin (talk) 09:59, 20 August 2013 (UTC)

Please read and freely add any comments on my idea if you wish. Ideally I would like to streamline rules rather than add to them. Playtest requests or reports welcome.——PeterGFin (talk) 10:21, 20 August 2013 (UTC)