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Good article; presumably this is a replacement for Standard strategy? I like what you have a lot better than what's there.

I like that you've cast this in terms of objectives rather than instructions; it makes it feel a lot less like it's mandating a particular play style than some other guides I've seen.

As it's in your User space, I'm loath to make direct edits, so I'll instead offer some suggestions here:

  • You might want to move the page to User:SigmaJargon/Strategy -- still in your userspace, but giving it the intended page name makes it clearer what you're working on, and potentially separates your personal page and talk page from the draft and its discussion page. (If you do, move this talk page with it.)
  • I like to split what you have as "The End Game" into "The Late Game" and "The End Game". The dividing line is killing Rodney, as that starts the clock ticking on "don't dally, annoying things happen with the passage of time". Describing them as separate phases allows the difference between prep and run to be emphasized.
  • You may want to emphasize obtaining MR and reflection as early-to-mid-game goals in addition to poison resistance, and as much MC as possible as an early-game goal (to, of course, be potentially reduced later in favor of long-term kit, but high MC certainly aids early-game survival).

-- Marcmagus 00:03, 10 January 2009 (UTC)