Potion of see invisible

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! Pink potion.png
Name see invisible
Appearance random
Base price 50 zm
Weight 20
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

A potion of see invisible is a type of potion that appears in NetHack.



Potions of see invisible may be obtained through alchemy, by mixing fruit juice with either gain level or gain energy.


Main article: See invisible

Quaffing a potion of see invisible confers the see invisible intrinsic, which lets you see invisible monsters, with its effects dependent on beatitude: a cursed or uncursed potions gives you the intrinsic for 750-849 turns, while a blessed one gives you the intrinsic permanently.[1] Non-cursed potions also cure blindness.[2]

Cancelling a potion of see invisible will turn it into a potion of fruit juice.


After you have permanently obtained intrinsic see invisible (typically from a blessed potion), these potions are a prime candidate for dilution. Foodless players may want to cancel these potions to gain nutrition from the resulting fruit juice.


The potions of see invisible and fruit juice share exactly the same messages (a reference to the game Rogue). This makes them quite difficult to tell apart by random quaffing; it is recommended to type-name both potions so that you can rename them later if one is identified. Some ways to identify a potion of see invisible include quaffing them while blind, with see invisible curing the blindness, and looking for previously invisible monsters that suddenly become visible. Enlightenment after quaffing a suspected potion will reveal if you have the intrinsic.


Aside from the messages shared with the potion of fruit juice, there are other messages relevant to the potion of see invisible.

You can see through yourself, but you are visible!
You quaffed the potion while invisible.
Gee! All of a sudden, you can see right through yourself.
You became invisible after you obtained the see invisible intrinsic.