Ring of poison resistance

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Name poison resistance
Appearance random
Base price 150 zm
Weight 3

Wearing a ring of poison resistance gives you poison resistance as an extrinsic.


If you notice yourself surviving poison attacks unscathed, you know you must have a source of poison resistance. However, deliberately poisoning yourself is not a good way to identify this ring.

Sink identification

Dropping a ring of poison resistance into a sink produces the message, "You smell rotten fruit".


This is an excellent ring to discover early in the game, if you can identify it. You should wear uncursed rings of 150zm base cost in the hope that a randomly found one might be poison resistance.

If you know you have poison resistance through wearing this ring, you can then eat poisonous corpses until you gain the resistance as an intrinsic, with an appropriately changed message; you can then dump the ring in favour of other, more useful ones. If you play at night, however, try to hang on to the ring in case a gremlin steals the intrinsic away.


You feel especially healthy.
You gained the poison resistance intrinsic while wearing the ring or another source of extrinsic poison resistance.

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