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Secret passages or hidden corridors, represented by  , are a type of terrain that appear to be solid rock until exposed, when they turn to an ordinary corridor.

When a room and corridor level is generated, secret passages are often created on some corridor squares. You can sometimes guess the existance of a secret passage from surrounding corridor squares, especially if they are at a corner, but corridors can also have natural dead ends.

Until exposed, a secret passage doesn't only look like solid wall, but also acts like one: monsters (including pets) won't step on a secret passage square, the square blocks thrown objects, and you can't see through them.

Exposing a secret passage

There are multiple ways to expose a secret passage, turning it to an ordinary corridor square.

Secret passages are more difficult to expose than secret doors, as effects that would usually open or break down a door (multiple wands or spells) do not work on them.

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