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Marionette, Puppet of Screams

We are all puppets of death

We dance

We sing

Until we cut the strings…

[ Dance of Death, Underworld Dolls ]

Binding Ritual

Marionette requires that her seal be drawn in the Valley of the Dead or in a graveyard.


You must not quaff holy water or remove curses.


Metal wires sprout from your elbows and the backs of your knees.


The wires can be seen from a distance.


Wear metallic torso armor.


You are immune to stoning.


Marionette grants skill with axes.

Active Powers

  • Root Shout: Fires a moderately damaging beam of force in the chosen direction. The beam digs through walls as a wand of digging.
  • Yank Wires: Flings you in the chosen direction (As a thrown heavy iron ball). Should be used with great care around water and other hazardous terrain.

Passive Powers

  • Marionette Shadow: Your melee weapon attacks also target the square behind your target.
  • Marionette's Edge: Your melee weapons deal additional damage to non-adjacent targets.
  • Root Fingers: You shatter stuck boulders.