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dNetHack is a NetHack variant based on NetHack 3.4.3. The name stands for Dungeons and Extra-Terrestrials Hack (DnET-Hack). In addition to the usual features common to variants (e.g. new monsters, playable races, roles, and items) it introduces various novel features, including horror elements reminiscent of those found in the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game (based on the H.P. Lovecraft story of the same name).

Major features

Other features

  • Rule changes (Some of this stuff is pretty critical to know)

Useful pointers

  • When living creatures are killed, they often revive a short time later as "zombie" versions if the corpse is left. Zombies do higher melee damage, but are slower and can revive if they leave corpses.
  • Converting altars can be dangerous in dNethack. The deity of the altar may summon one or more guardians after the conversion attempt is done.
  • Sokoban levels do not generate monsters in any of the boulder areas. This means that level 1 of Sokoban is monster-free (unless you bring a monster in through other means) and can be a useful place to read spellbooks or store a cache.
  • The "Pokedex" entry for each monster is incredibly informative. Checking new creatures with far-look is a good idea. Information on the monster's attacks and resistances are generally displayed. Additionally a Stethoscope will show the current hit points of the creature.

dNethack online

Ascend all roles competition

The first ascension of each role (on a public server) is being commemorated in-game with an entry in the hallucinatory gods list, eg "stth the Wizard."

Roles First Player to Ascend
Anachrononaut Darth Bane (1st, future unchanged) doyoumind (2nd, future saved)
Android malor
Archeologist (revised) Riker
Barbarian (revised) stth
Binder ChrisANG (FIQ ascended the first non-developer Binder)
Caveman DarthBane
Convict Tariru
Drow Shared (Pri, Rog, Ran, Wiz) Tariru (Drow Priestess, sided with Eclavdra; He later ascended a Drow Rogue that sided with Seyll Auzkovyn)
Hedrow Shared (Pri, Rog, Ran, Wiz) Tariru (Hedrow Rogue, sided with Eclavdra)
Drow Noble Tariru
Hedrow Noble VoR (aka Wikid)
Drow Healer malor
Dwarf Knight Tariru
Dwarf Noble VoR (aka Wikid)
Elf Shared (Pri, Nob, Ran, Wiz) Tariru (Elf Noble)
Healer stth
Knight VoR (aka Wikid)
Madman Demo
Monk Khor (aka Cor)
Noble Khor (aka Cor)
Female Half-dragon Noble Demo
Priest Khor (aka Cor)
Pirate stth
Rogue VoR (aka Wikid)
Ranger Khor (aka Cor)
Samurai Tariru
Tourist stth
Troubadour VoR (aka Wikid)
Valkyrie (vanilla) allihaveismymind (aka doyoumind)
Valkyrie (revised) stth
Wizard stth

dNethack in Junethack

Xlog trophies

OneKey.png That was the easy one: Obtained at least one alignment key.

ThreeKey.png Through the gates of Gehennom: Obtained at least three alignment keys (the number needed to complete the game).

NineKey.png Those were for replay value...: Obtained all nine alignment keys.

Games played trophies

DN King.png King of dNethack: Ascend a game with all the new races/roles in dNethack.

DN Prince.png Prince of dNethack: Ascend a game with half the new races/roles in dNethack.

DN Tour.png dNethack Tour: Played a game (at least 1000 turns) with all the shiny new races/roles in dNethack.

The new races in dNethack are incantifier, clockwork automaton, half-dragon, and drow. The new roles are Troubadour, Noble, Pirate, and Binder. Convict and Vampire are also implemented, but are insufficiently distinct from their incarnations in other variants to count. Note that you can play an incantifier Noble, an incantifier or drow pirate, and a Binder of any race.

2014 trophies

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Future features

User:Chris/dNetHack/YANIs: A place to contribute dnethack-specific YANIs.

User:Chris/dNetHack/bugs: A place to report dnethack-specific bugs.

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