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The gargoyle, g, is a monster in NetHack. It is immune to stoning.


Most eggs laid by winged gargoyles hatch as gargoyles. Unusually, despite this gargoyles cannot grow up into a winged gargoyle, not even by magical means.


Gargoyles can hit rather hard and possess a decent natural AC, which may result in many a death for adventurers who fail to take it seriously. They are somewhat slower than an unencumbered player, however, and have absolutely no magic resistance, making them vulnerable to wands.


Encyclopedia entry

And so it came to pass that while Man ruled on Earth, the gargoyles waited, lurking, hidden from the light. Reborn every 600 years in Man's reckoning of time, the gargoyles joined battle against Man to gain dominion over the Earth.
In each coming, the gargoyles were nearly destroyed by Men who flourished in greater numbers. Now it has been so many hundreds of years that it seems the ancient statues and paintings of gargoyles are just products of Man's imagination. In this year, with Man's thoughts turned toward the many ills he has brought among himself, Man has forgotten his most ancient adversary, the gargoyles.

[ Excerpt from the opening narration to the movie
        _Gargoyles_, written by Stephen and Elinor Karpf ]