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The gold golem, ', is a type of golem that appears in NetHack.


In addition to random generation, gold golems may be created when polypiling gold objects.

Gold golems are always generated with 40 hit points.[2] When killed, they drop 200-rnl(101) gold pieces, averaging 140-160 depending on your Luck.[3]


Gold golems are a step up from the straw golems and paper golems the player will usually encounter before them, but are not too much trouble if the player is decently armored.

Reading a non-cursed scroll of gold detection will reveal the presence of any gold golems on the level.


The gold golem is introduced in NetHack 3.3.0.


In variants that use some form of object materials, gold golems may drop objects made of gold in addition to or instead of gold pieces upon death.


In SLASH'EM, gold golems are instead generated with 80 HP.


Main article: Golem (dNetHack)

dNetHack introduces a far stronger cousin in the treasury golem - a faster golem whose claw attacks are twice as strong and accompanied by a poison breath attack. Their special death drop leaves behind 2-8 random gems and a Luck-dependent amount of gold up to 400zm in place of a corpse.

A Plumach village, one of the many map inclusions, has a 17 chance to include a gold vault, with a 12 chance of a gold golem on each square.

Ara Kamerel that are destroyed can convert any gold golems present on the level into new versions of themselves, minus their special equipment. Tame Ara Kamerel will reincarnate into any gold golem the player comes across.


In xNetHack, throwing a blessed thiefstone at a gold golem and hitting it will teleport the golem to the square where its 'stash' is located; this includes players polymorphed into gold golems, but will never work on anything carrying the Amulet of Yendor.

Encyclopedia entry

The bellows he set away from the fire, and gathered all the tools
wherewith he wrought into a silver chest; and with a sponge wiped
he his face and his two hands withal, and his mighty neck and
shaggy breast, and put upon him a tunic, and grasped a stout staff,
and went forth halting; but there moved swiftly to support their
lord handmaidens wrought of gold in the semblance of living maids.
In them is understanding in their hearts, and in them speech and
strength, and they know cunning handiwork by gift of the immortal

[ The Iliad, by Homer ]