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Khaamnun tannoth are a possible inhabitant of a strange-larva-hellish seal. They are one of the most dangerous possible monsters that may be found under this type of seal.

Pull attack

Each hit from their long range pull attack draws the target one square closer to the khaamnun. Once the target is adjacent, these attacks switch to additional mindwipe attacks.

Mindwipe attack

Each successful mindwipe attack drains one level from the target, regardless of whether or not the target is drain-resistant. Against the player character, it also results in amnesia proportional to the fraction of the character's levels lost (i.e., a 30th level character suffers 3% amnesia, a 2nd level character suffers 50% amnesia). Mindless monsters are immune to mindwipe attacks, but the player character is never mindless. Magic cancellation protects against the hybrid pull/midewipe attacks, but does not protect against the dedicated mindwiping bite attacks.

Attack evasion

When struck by any attack, a khaamnun will jet 4 squares away from the source of the attack. This allows it to evade subsequent melee attacks from the aggressor, and may move it beyond the range of ranged attacks.

Forgetfulness madness

While afflicted with forgetfulness, the character will suffer from increased spell timeout, and will periodically lose a level to mindwipe. If you contract this madness it is important to keep your sanity as high as possible.


Tannin (plural tanninim) is an ancient Hebrew word meaning "sea monster" (or sometimes "serpent," and sometimes translated as "dragon"). Ancient Semitic religions used sea monsters to symbolize primordial chaos, and sometimes evil (see also Tiamat/the Chromatic Dragon.

Khaamnun is derived from the Hebrew word for "octopus" (tmenya nun, 8 fish; khaamshaa nun, 5 fish).

dNetHack's tanninim are based on D&D Obyrith and Pathfinder Qlippoth. Khaamnun tanninim are based on Laghathti Obyrith.