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Centaur is a monster class in NetHack. Centaurs come in three varieties:

  • plains centaur
  • forest centaur
  • mountain centaur

A centaur is a monster that is a particular cross between a human and a horse; it has the body and legs of a horse, but where the horse's head would be, it instead has the upper body, arms, head, and face of a human. Centaurs can wield weapons and use magic items, but unlike many other intelligent monsters, centaurs can also move fast and they can kick you.


Forest centaurs are generated with a bow and 3–14 arrows, the other varieties get a crossbow and 3–14 bolts.

Some centaurs may start peaceful.



Centaurs are dangerous in melee; their rapid and repeated use of wielded weapons (or bare-handed combat) combined with kicking can quickly harm or kill your character. A centaur with ranged weapons may shoot you. Shoot back or send your pet.

As a pet

Centaurs can use:

Centaurs make superb steeds; while not quite as fast as a unicorn or a warhorse, a centaur is still very fast—a mountain centaur has a base speed of 20 and when zapped with a wand of speed monster is even faster than a player in speed boots. And unlike a unicorn or warhorse, a well-equipped centaur can take quite a beating, even in Gehennom. They can return quite a beating too: a centaur is the only steed that can wield a weapon, and given a powerful weapon (perhaps a throwaway artifact weapon from sacrificing) can easily match the damage dealt by a dragon or a jabberwock.

Centaurs are very easy to keep fed, which is of particular importance where steeds are concerned. Every time you attempt to ride a steed, its tameness is decreased by one (except for Knights). While ki-rin are sometimes regarded as the "best" steeds, they do not eat, and thus they are notoriously difficult for non-Knights to keep tame. Just take care if you kill a shapeshifter: unless you dismount first and dispose of the corpse, your centaur is very likely to get to the corpse first if you ride over it.

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Pets will no longer eat corpses that make them polymorph, unless they are starving or on the verge of becoming untame.

Centaurs cannot fly, so as with all land-based steeds, take care around water, and ice too for that matter—it is very easy to slip off the steed on water you've frozen and then displace your steed into the unfrozen water, drowning it. Polymorph traps are not a problem for the centaur if the player has magic resistance: this will protect the steed too while you are riding it. The player's reflection will not transfer to the steed, but a centaur can wear a shield of reflection.

The following information pertains to an upcoming version (3.7.0). If this version is now released, please verify that it is still accurate, then update the page to incorporate this information.

Riding while wearing an amulet of flying will cause the steed to fly as well—riding a mountain centaur with an amulet or shield of reflection paired with an artifact weapon can make them a somewhat viable competitor to the ki-rin. However, be sure to keep a wand of undead turning handy in case they die.


EvilHack adds centaurs as a playable race. Player and monster centaurs can wear all armor, except boots.

Encyclopedia entry

Of all the monsters put together by the Greek imagination
the Centaurs (Kentauroi) constituted a class in themselves.
Despite a strong streak of sensuality, in their make-up,
their normal behaviour was moral, and they took a kindly
thought of man's welfare. The attempted outrage of Nessos on
Deianeira, and that of the whole tribe of Centaurs on the
Lapith women, are more than offset by the hospitality of
Pholos and by the wisdom of Cheiron, physician, prophet,
lyrist, and the instructor of Achilles. Further, the
Centaurs were peculiar in that their nature, which united the
body of a horse with the trunk and head of a man, involved
an unthinkable duplication of vital organs and important
members. So grotesque a combination seems almost un-Greek.
These strange creatures were said to live in the caves and
clefts of the mountains, myths associating them especially
with the hills of Thessaly and the range of Erymanthos.

[ Mythology of all races, Vol. 1, pp. 270-271 ]

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