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A son of Typhon, f, is a type of monster that appears in dNetHack, notdNetHack and notnotdNetHack. The son of Typhon is a large and carnivorous giantkin feline monster that is strong and can be seen via infravision.

Sons of Typhon have two claw attacks and a bite attack.

The son of Typhon can be warded by a hexagram.


Sons of Typhon are always generated hostile.

Monsters and characters that polymorph while wearing a Leo Nemaeus hide transform into sons of Typhon.

A son of Typhon may be generated as the guard of a magic item vault.

A son of Typhon has a 13 chance of dropping an uncursed Leo Nemaeus hide upon death, which is reduced to 120 if the monster was revived.


The son of Typhon is based on the Nemean lion, a creature in classical Greek folklore that is one of the many offspring of Typhon and Echidna according to Apollodorus. Some sources and tellings give a different origin for the beast: Hesiod has the Nemean lion as the offspring of Orthus and an ambiguous "she" (often understood as possibly referring to the Chimera, Echidna or even Ceto) and sent by Hera to terrorize the hills of Nemea; the tradition held by Aelian, Epimenides and Hyginus states that the lion was "sprung from" the moon-goddess Selene, who threw him from the Moon at Hera's request. Its golden fur was impervious to attack, it could not be killed with mortal weapons, and its claws were sharper than swords and could cut through any strong armour.

Heracles (or Hercules) was tasked with slaying the Nemean lion as the first of his many Labors set by his cousin King Eurystheus. Heracles was tasked with searching for the Nemean lion, and found that it was invulnerable to his arrows; he instead opted to chase the lion back to its cave, where he had blocked one of the entrances and snuck in through the other. Upon meeting the Nemean lion in close quarters, Heracles stunned it with his club and strangled it to death - he then made a pelt out of its hide, using one of the lion's claws per Athena's advice, and wore it for the rest of his days.

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