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The pirate brother is a monster added in the Pirate role patch. The pirate brother is the Pirate quest guardian.

Their main distinction from most other quest guardians (with the exception of the thugs in the Rogue quest) is that they like gold, and are therefore likely to be generated carrying some.

In addition to gold, each pirate brother is generated with a cutlass (scimitar), leather armor, and high boots.

Encyclopedia entry

The Brethren or Brethren of the Coast were a loose
coalition of pirates and privateers commonly known as
buccaneers and active in the seventeenth and eighteenth
centuries in the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and
Gulf of Mexico.

Based primarily on the island of Tortuga off the coast
of Haiti and in the city of Port Royal on the island of
Jamaica, the original Brethren were mostly French
Huguenot and British Protestants, but their ranks were
joined by other adventurers of various nationalities
including Spaniards, and even African sailors, as well
as escaped slaves and outlaws of various sovereigns.

In keeping with their Protestant and mostly Common
Law heritage the Brethren were governed by codes of
conduct that favored legislative decision-making,
hierarchical command authority, individual rights,
and equitable division of revenues.

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Reference: Chris's Pirate Patch