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The drow is an elf-like monster in SLASH'EM and dNetHack.


Drow possess a sleep attack, and their corpse has a decent chance of providing sleep resistance. They are also a playable race in SLASH'EM.


In addition to elaborating on SLASH'EM's drow starting race, dNetHack adds several classes of drow that can be encountered in the Mazes of Menace.


The generic drow now only appears when turn undead is used on a corpse from a drow zombie, similar to human and elf monsters in vanilla. Its stats are almost identical to those of the elf.

Hedrow warrior

The hedrow warrior attacks with weapons coated in sleep poison, and may also carry potions of sleeping. They use drow racial equipment, meaning that their armor may evaporate if they stand too long in the light. However, their cloaks offer good protection against light.

Their spellcasting can be blocked by standing on an Elbereth square, and has shorter range and a longer cooldown than is typical.

Hedrow wizard

Drow matron

The drow matron uses drow racial equipment and can cast clerical spells, with summon spiders substituted for summon insects.

Embraced drowess

Hedrow blademaster

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