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A drow, @, is a type of monster that appears in SLASH'EM and SlashTHEM. The drow is a strong and omnivorous type of elf that is a lord to his kind and is always generated as male, though their corpses are used for drow characters that can be either male or female. Drow may turn traitor while tame.

A drow has two weapon attacks, with the first capable of puting targets to sleep, and possesses sleep resistance like other elves.

Eating a drow corpse or tin has a 25 chance (40%) of conveying sleep resistance.


Randomly generated drow are always created hostile, and may appear in small groups. They are not a valid form for polymorph.

Drow are always generated with a dark elven mithril-coat, a dark elven short sword, a dark elven bow, and a stack of 3-15 dark elven arrows.[1]

Drow may appear among the @ generated within the Lawful Quest's Chamber of Junk.


The drow's sleep-inducing melee attack can be very dangerous for unprepared characters, but can be completely nullified by sleep resistance and almost completely blocked by MC3, rendering them much less threatening opponents against elven and drow characters. Their guaranteed dark elven mithril-coat can be a useful upgrade for non-spellcasting characters until they obtain a dragon scale mail.

As elven monsters, eating their corpse or tin constitutes cannibalism for elven and drow characters, and elven characters (who are typically not chaotic unlike in NetHack) will want to avoid sacrificing the corpses as well. Other characters will find drow corpses to be a useful source of sleep resistance and a decent source of nutrition.