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Legion devils are the soldiery of Hell in dNetHack, found in large numbers in Gehennom, particularly in the lairs of the Lords of the Nine. Though they are certainly not harmless, most characters can cut down anything short of a captain without really noticing it's there. Legion devils are guaranteed a wand, with captains being guaranteed two, with equal probability for any type. Prior to dNetHack 3.8.0, this could include a wand of wishing, making said wands far more common than usual.

Legion devil grunt

Legion devil soldier

Legion devil sergeant

Legion devil captain

Encyclopedia entry

This creature is humanoid in shape, with deep red skin.
It wears studded leather armor, a chain coif, and a
vicious snarl.
[ Tyrants of the Nine Hells,
by Robin Laws and Robert Schwalb ]

A soldier of the Legions of Hell. More powerful
individuals can be distinguished by their increasingly
large horns.