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Map of the Mazes of Menace in dnethack. The map does, of course, contain some minor spoilers.

Dungeons of Doom

The Gnomish Mines

The Windowless Tower

The Lost Tomb

The Sea

The sea is a one-level dungeon branch. Possible Sea levels are:

The Temple of Moloch

Storage Room

The Big Room

The Second Big Room

Medusa's Island

The Castle

The Lawful Quest

The Paths of Law

The Library of Law and the Dungeon of Ill-Regard


The Arcadian Tower

The Chaotic Quest

The Ruined Temple

The Temple of Nightmares

The Temple of Chaos

The Neutral Quest

The Outlands Gate

The River Lethe

The Gulf of N'Kai



Upper Reaches

The Valley of the Dead

The Endless Staircase

The Wizard's Tower

Nine Hells and Ten Abysses


Hell consists of three levels at fixed depths within gehennom. The Upper Hell level is the 11th level of gehennom, Lower Hell is the 14th level, and Nessus is the 17th level.


The Abyss consists of three levels at random depths within gehennom, from level 9 to level 16.

Fake Wizard Towers

The three fake wizard towers are also found between levels 9 and 16 within gehennom.

Vibrating Square and Sanctum

The Vibrating Square is found immediately bellow Nessus, on the 18th level of gehennom.

The Endgame

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