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In SLASH'EM, the storage room is located between levels 19 and 26. It has a 66% chance of being generated. It simply contains a chest on top of a burned message in a rooms-and-corridors level.


There are three different versions of the storage room.

  • The first one contains a chest, a random wand, two random tools, a random amulet, and a random ring; all are on top of a burnt message reading "Begone! Keep Off! Shoo!".
  • The second contains a chest, a random wand, two random tools, a random ring, a ring of regeneration, and a random gem, placed on top of a burnt message reading "Danger! Cursed Items! Do Not Touch!". In spite of the warning, all of the items are of random beatitude.
  • The third storage room variant contains a chest, two random wands, three random tools, and a random ring, on a burnt message reading "Property of the Wizard! Do Not Touch!".

All three storage variants contain three random traps, and are contained in a rooms-and-corridors level containing six random items, five random monsters, and four random traps.


In dNetHack, there are a few more levels possible along with the previous ones):

  • "Army of Yendor armory annex. Trespassers will be shot." (2 wands, 8 flack helmets, 6 random weapons)
  • "Mine, not yours. You touch, you're dead!" (2 wands, 2 weapons, 4 food)
  • "Property of the Dungeons of Doom municipal library. Do not remove." (2 spellbooks, 3 scrolls)
  • "A Elbereth Gilthoniel, silivren penna miriel, o menel aglar elenath!" (variety of elvish stuff, 5 gems)

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