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Apocalypse angels are a possible inhabitant of an angel-hellish seal. They are notable for the variety of status ailments they can inflict through their insight- and sanity-dependent attack and for the large numbers of allies.

Apocalypse angels have a 2 square snakebite attack and a close range "prophecy" attack. They also summon aid all over the current dungeon level.

Revelatory whispers

The attacker will "whisper terrible truths" in the target's ear. Against the PC, this will lift the veil (if not already lifted) and has an insight-dependent chance of further effects. A random number from 0 to your Insight-1 is rolled, and if this number is >= 10 the attack takes effect. If not, you become confused and your insight increases by 1, but no further effects occur.


For Number equal to 1 per 5 points of sanity that you've lost, or 1d(attacker level) vs monsters:

Message Effect
Doubt clouds your heart. Makes the target Doubtful. The PCs doubt timer will be set to 50xNumber (more) turns.
Blasphemous thoughts fill your mind! Increases the anger of a random god by 1, and lets the god smite the PC. Monsters may be struck by lightning or disintegrated.
The truth shakes the foundations of your mind! Lose some sanity points. This sanity loss may inflict a temporary madness. Monsters are instead stunned and confused.
The truth tears down the foundations of your mind! The PC loses one point of wisdom and 10% of memories per point of Number. If wisdom is reduced to minimum the PC will tear at themselves in horror, taking (Number)d10 direct damage. Monsters take (Number)d10 damage.
[The angel] shares a prophecy of doom! The target's morale is lowered by Number points, and study is increased by a like amount.
[Variable] The angel uses a rider touch attack vs. the target.
[The angel] shares a prophecy of your death! Your intrinsic AC bonus and divine protection bonus are both reduced by Number points. Monsters instead have their morale reduced.
[The angel] shares a prophecy of great misfortune! Your luck is reduced by Number points. Monsters instead have their morale reduced.
Space bleeds around [target]. The target's inventory is soaked with blood, cursing and water damaging random items.

Prophecy summons

Summons between 0 and 33 (1 per 3 points of sanity lost) invidiaks, fallen coure eladrins, walking deliriums, or earth elementals for 66 turns. After 66 turns, a new batch can be summoned.


Unsurprisingly, apocalypse angels are (very loosely) based on the Book of Revelation (Apokálypsis).