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dNetHack introduces three new conducts relating to wards and the identification of items: wardless, identless, and shop-identless.

In addition, some conducts from NetHack 3.4.3 may be more or less difficult to achieve in dNetHack.

NOTE: This pages assumes that the reader is familiar with conducts.

dNethack Conducts


As with many other variants, dNethack tracks the number of times you engrave Elbereth in addition to literacy vs illiteracy. However, since Elbereth only works for player elves, this is not often used.


dNethack additionally tracks the number of times you engrave a ward. Unlike engraving Elbereth, engraving a ward does not violate the illiterate conduct.

Scrolls of ward and scrolls of warding do not violate wardless, though they do of course violate illiteracy.


dNethack implements extended shopkeeper services from SLASH'EM. As such, players can pay to have a shopkeeper identify items for them.

Shop-identificationless recognizes players who opt not to use this feature.


This conduct recognizes players who choose to forgo not only shopkeeper-identifications, but magical means of identification as well. Identificationless players instead rely solely on price-ID and empirical testing to ID their items.

Nethack 3.4.3 Conducts


  • Incantifier: Incantifiers will find it nearly impossible to go without food, as they cannot pray for sustenance and derive no nutrition from potions. Amulets of Life saving can still be used, but the odds of finding enough "oLS to make it work are quite low.
  • Clockwork Automatons: In contrast, Clockworks will find it easier to ascend foodless, as they can pray for nutrition, can't eat regular food anyway, and being wound with a key does not count as eating food.


The increase in vegan monster corpses makes vegan ascensions moderately easier, although the need to discard the meat servings included with K- and C-rations reduces the nutrition/weight ratio of these rations.


Candy bars may sometimes grant a level, making it slightly appealing to break vegan conduct in order to eat them.


  • Clockwork Automatons: Clockworks will find it quite hard to avoid having to pray for nutrition throughout the early- to mid-game.
  • The existence of a guaranteed stash of holy water in the Windowless Tower makes this conduct fractionally easier.


There are pluses and minuses to being a pacifist in dNetHack.

  • + Pets will now use their special attacks on enemies. This makes strong pets like dragons and Archons even more powerful.
  • + New artifacts like the Rod of Seven Parts and the Necronomicon allow the summoning of strong pets.
  • + Bard role focuses heavily around buffing pets, making this conduct significantly easier.
  • + New powerful monsters can be generated, some of which make great pets. A small collection can be obtained from the Law Quest.
  • - Enemies will now more aggressively target pets, reducing their survivability.
  • - Gehennom may contain forced fights with powerful demon lords. Allowing prolonged fights with chaotic demon lords or spellcasting monsters is extremely hazardous in Gehennom, due to the danger that Demogorgon, Lamashtu, or another very powerful demon lord might be summoned.

Never hit with a wielded weapon

This conduct is easier in dnethack. Premium Heart and the Grandmaster's Robe improve unarmed attacks, and don't count as wielded weapons. Additionally, boomerangs can be multishot, even the double-damage artifact Windrider can be thrown more than one time per turn.


Scrolls of mail no longer break this conduct (thanks, NAO!). Additionally, engraving a ward does not break illiterate.

Never polymorph an object


Never change form

Largely unchanged. Polymorphing to a Xorn can allow players to bypass part of the alignment quests.


The increased number of dangerous late-game enemies susceptible to genocide makes violating this conduct even more appealing.

Wishless, artifact wishless