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Aglaope, n, is the Bard quest nemesis.

For her main attack, Aglaope has 5 songs. Three buff monsters on the current dungeon level, and two of them debuff your pets.


  • Encouragement: Increases damage done by hostile monsters by 1+level/3, where level is Aglaope's current monster level.
  • Good health: Cures paralysis, blindness, laughing, beserking, stun, confusion, or fleeing on all hostile monsters on the current level
  • Haste: Speeds up monsters on the current level by 12 (from normal speed to very fast)


  • Dirge: Decreases damage done by pets by -1-level/3, where level is Aglaope's current monster level.
  • Slowness: Slows down pets by 12 speed (from very fast to standard speed)

Each of these songs, in addition to having their affects, cancels your current song and warps you to Aglaope. From there, she uses her theft attack and 4d4 Lyre-stealing claw. It's best to bring a magic whistle to summon your pets, and an engagement ring to prevent her seduction theft. This warping is not affected by magic resistance or magic cancellation, or teleport control.