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Plumach Rilmani

Equipment Sets

Plumach equipment is made of non-rustable metal.


  • One out of 3 Plumachs are militia members
  • -1 uncursed metallic short sword
  • One out of 3 milita members will have a +0 uncursed kite shield


  • The remaining 2 out of 3 Plumachs are civilians.
  • -1 uncursed metallic sickle, scythe, or axe


Plumachs will cast the Solid Fog monster spell. Creatures in the fog have their speed reduced by 2/3rds. Should a Plumach cast solid fog, it becomes cancelled.

Ferrumach Rilmani


Iron halberd or battle axe. Enchantment will be at least +1.


Cuprilach Rilmani


Bronze short sword. Enchantment will be at least +2. One third of Cuprilach will have a bronze buckler (at least +2).


Sneak Attack

When attacking an incapacitated target, or one which cannot see or sense them, Cuprilaches receive bonus damage on their melee attacks equal to 1 to 1.5 times their level (so 1 to 12 (1d12) for a level 8 Cuprilach).

Argenach Rilmani


Silver broadsword, battle axe, or halberd (at least +3). Argenach equipped with broadswords will have either a silver kite shield (5/6ths chance) or a shield of reflection (1/6th chance).


  • Silver rays (Argenach unique spell): Makes two attacks, each dealing 1d20 damage of a type the target is vulnerable to (including silver damage, in which case each ray does 2d20 damage). The attacks can be avoided via low AC, but ignore armor.
  • Ice storm: 4d8 cold damage and 4d8 physical damage
  • Solid fog: 2/3rds speed reduction
  • Disappear: Makes self invisible
  • Make visible: Makes target visible

Hydrargyrumach Rilmani

Equipped with a metalic voulge and a metalic long sword.

mercurial essence

brimstone essence

Aurumach Rilmani


A gold two-handed sword and a gold halberd (at least +4). One third of Aurumachs wear gold plate mail (at least +4).


Encyclopedia entry

To paraphrase a particularly wise prime, the rilmani are an
enigma cloaked in a riddle, wrapped in a mystery. Who can
question their motives or their actions? They keep their own
counsel. They're sworn never to come when called, but always
to be there when needed; never to answer questions put to
them, but always to provide what information is necessary; to
aid and abet good, evil, law, and chaos alike in order to maintain
the Balance, regardless of the cost or repercussions.
[ Planescape Monstrous Compendium II, by Rich Baker ]