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I have completed a merge between dNethack and NAO-nethack. The merged code compiles on Debian Linux.

To-do list

  • There is a bug with race/role selection. Role is not respecting racial alignment restrictions.


  • There seems to be a crash bug related to the player casting as a monster using the #monster command. Possibly if they have AD_MagicMissile?
    • Haven't been able to replicate this using a monster that is SUPPOSED to be able to cast spells.
  • More colors? (Several dungeon areas have colored walls etc in TTY mode)
    • Fort Knox and the Windowless Tower still need to be done.
  • Update livelog stuff
    • Have added livelogs for more events
  • Track down the bug(s?) with hurtling monsters
    • One bug is fixed. A second bug I have only second-hand reports of, and can't recreate (dnethack apparently wigged out due to an interaction between knockback, a lightsource, and a pit. It was an error-spam bug rather than a crash bug, though.


DONE Make Drow spawn with Droven items

DONE Track down the wishing bug for atma weapon

DONE There is a bug in droven cloaks. The handling of new webs is wrong.

DONE Track down the bug that makes weapon wielding monsters switch back and forth

DONE Automata can drink blood....

DONE (potions of blood needed a corpse_number, but the potion code already used that address under the name "fromsink") Potion of blood code still uses sink code? Stream of red fluid?

DONE Merge in the new races

DONE AT_MAGC attacks on class-monsters enables #monster command casting of monster spells

DONE Make a full-screen announcement of Demogorgon's presence

DONE? Write known scrolls of ward

DONE Incantifiers eat the magic of whole stacks simultaneously, instead of one item at a time.

DONE <bcode> Has the levelport thing with the Windowless Tower been fixed? (where the negative and zero level numbers don't work for levelporting as they're special-cased)

    • Teleporting inside the Tower has been fixed (though if you're warping to, say, level -1 you'd better be sure the tower reaches up that high :) ). You can teleport up from the top mine level to the Tower. The tower skips dungeon level 0, counting from 1 to -1. Therefore, teleporting to '0' will always have the same result.