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The maid is a dNetHack human monster with stats similar to those of the nurse, though the maid is faster, lawfully aligned, and has two 1d6 attacks instead of a single 2d6. More importantly, the maid will not heal you if you unequip your armor and weapon.

Maids' function is to tidy up the dungeon, collecting loose items. If a maid picks up a cursed item she may uncurse it (with an 80% chance) or discard it by banishing it to hell (with a 20% chance). The banishment ritual involves drawing a semi-permanent pentagram in ink. A player who does not yet know this ward can attempt to learn it by leaving cursed items near a peaceful or pacified maid.

Maids are armed to the teeth. For non-Samurai players, maids will be generated with either a katana (70% chance) or a stiletto (30% chance), and they may get a stack of shuriken or darts (25% chance of each, but not both; this is independent of the maid's primary weapon). They are guaranteed to get four daggers, with a 1% chance of an additional silver dagger.

For Samurai, the maid's primary weapon has a 25% chance of being a ninja-to (broadsword), 20% chance of being a katana, 5% chance of being a naginata (glaive), or 50% chance of being a stiletto.

A note to NetHack brass players: Maids do not drop a maid dress, frilled apron, or katyusha.


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