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The nessian pit fiend is a demon in dNetHack.

It is a more powerful version of the pit fiend and has most of the same attacks. In dNetHack the regular pit fiend's second weapon attack is replaced with a claw attack, and instead of a grabbing attack it has a spellcasting attack and a poisonous bite that reduces strength. In addition to these, the nessian pit fiend has a passive attack that deals fire damage to anyone who attacks it in melee.

Nessian pit fiends get their name from appearing, along with a number of lesser pit fiends, in Nessus, at the court of Asmodeus. A single nessian pit fiend (dubbed a "traitor pit fiend") also appears in the court of Demogorgon.

Nessian pit fiends fly, so they are not likely to end up in any pits.

Encyclopedia entry

The great horns, bat-like wings,
serpentine tail, and cloven-hoofed feet are identical to
the terror of the pit. Yet, this creature towers 20 feet in
height. Accompanying the flames that lick its translucent
flesh is a darkness that ripples the surrounding air. The
blood red form is covered in muscles and the burning,
white eyes glare from a shadowy face.
[ Dicefreaks: The Gates of Hell ]


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