Harrower of Zariel

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Harrowers of Zariel are a possible inhabitant of an angel-hellish seal. They are notable for summoning massive numbers of dangerous shades.

Harrower of Zariel

As enemies, Harrowers are not able to use their melee attacks or move around. To defeat them, the player must avoid or destroy the summoned shades and kill the Harrower.

Summon shades

Once per seven turns, a harrower can summon between 2 and 6 (2d3) Zarielite shades. These shades are extremely dangerous:

  • They can only be damaged by weapons with the opposite beatitude. Zealots carry holy gear and can only be harmed by cursed weapons, while heretics carry unholy gear and can only be harmed by blessed weapons.
  • Their weapons are heavily enchanted, they swing twice per move, and they get 1.5 turns per move, giving them respectable damage output.
  • They wear enchanted armor, making them somewhat difficult to hit even with weapons of the appropriate beatitude.

A circle of Acheron ward is suggested to avoid being overwhelmed.

Zarielite zealot

Zarielite heretic

As pets

Harrowers won't call their shades as pets. They can be freed by giving them a scroll of remove curse or effigy, allowing them to use their Sword Archon melee attacks.

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