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The jubjub bird is a monster in dNetHack. They periodically "scream shrill and high", frightening all monsters on the level and stunning the player character. Any pets that are frightened by the scream also have their tameness increased by one.

A blessed tin of jubjub bird meat is "symmetrical" and particularly nutritious, giving 600 nutrition and acting as a single-use unicorn horn.

A player polymorphed into a jubjub bird can use the #monster command to scream.

But the valley grew narrow and narrower still,
And the evening got darker and colder,
Till (merely from nervousness, not from goodwill)
They marched along shoulder to shoulder.
Then a scream, shrill and high, rent the shuddering sky,
And they knew that some danger was near:
The Beaver turned pale to the tip of its tail,
And even the Butcher felt queer.
Such friends, as the Beaver and Butcher became,
Have seldom if ever been known;
In winter or summer, 'twas always the same—
You could never meet either alone.

And when quarrels arose—as one frequently finds
Quarrels will, spite of every endeavour—
The song of the Jubjub recurred to their minds,
And cemented their friendship for ever!

The Hunting of the Snark, by Lewis Carroll