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Lady Oona is the guardian of the Third Key of Law, and lives in the Tower Donjon, the uppermost level of the Law Quest.

Oona's elemental affinity changes from game-to-game, randomly choosing from fire, electricity, and cold. Her elemental affinity determines the type of vortices and spheres that spawn in the Law Quest. For example, flaming spheres indicate that Oona is fire-based. Her elemental affinity can also be determined by her color, A for fire, A for cold, and A for electricity. Since her spellcasting attack deals 16d8 damage of the chosen element, confronting her without the appropriate elemental resistance is probably suicide. Even with the appropriate elemental resistance, Oona can deal damage via her lament song and her two weak physical attacks.

Once Lady Oona is slain, vortices and spheres will cease spawning in the Law Quest.

Lady Oona can be tamed, and makes a very powerful pet, albeit less useful against enemies that resist her element type. Her weak physical attacks can be greatly boosted through proper equipment, possibly including an artifact weapon and gauntlets of power. As a human-sized angelic being, she can wear most forms of armor, including crystal plate mail and a cloak of magic resistance, and as a lawful creature she can wield lawful artifacts, such as Excalibur. Furthermore, she resists most forms of instant death, including disintegration, petrification, and polymorph.

The Morwel is the queen of the Eladrin.
The Morwel has always been queen.
The Eladrin took no side in the war of Law and Chaos.