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A place to contribute dnethack-specific YANIs

  • Reading a scroll of genocide while confused blessed genocides a if blessed, random a if uncursed, and possibly reverse genocides random a if cursed. With a message like "You've found a scroll of xenocide! Wiped out all buggers."/"You've found a scroll of xenocide! Wiped out all of those fire ant buggers.".

--EasterlyIrk (talk) 21:57, 25 May 2017 (UTC)

  • There should be a high-level Z class monster called "white walker", with a weapon and a cold touch attack, auto-reviving unless killed by an obsidian (droven) weapon. Player killed by a white walker should become a wight instead of a ghost in the bone file. Yeah, a reference. ;)

--Red kangaroo (talk) 11:23, 17 August 2017 (UTC)

  • Increase spawning of Uranium Imps on 4/13
    • Uranium imps have a luck dependent chance to teleport people normally protected from teleportation (0% at max luck, 100% at min luck - alternatively, fixed chance when luck is negative)
      • Some people I've talked to indicated that by the time they meet uranium imps, they are always protected from teleportation, so their behavior never really impacts most games.

  • Positive and Negative energy planes
    • Either as additional energy planes or with a chance to replace one of the existing 4
      • Positive plane would be full of yellow lights and plants and not sure what else. People would heal each turn and health can go beyond maximum, but if health gets too high, fatal explosion. Items can randomly get charges added to them/enchanted, even if this can potentially harm the item. Magic attacks do maximum damage here and undead are weak.
      • Negative energy plane. No light, player produced light of diminished efficacy. Healing effects minimized. Hunger increases faster than normal. Full of undead, and undead are stronger than normal. Possibly a chance for items to lose charges, but that might be too severe.
    • These aren't intended to be harder than the existing elemental planes, but the would make the end game less predictable.

--Ozymandias (talk) 14:35, 12 September 2016 (UTC)

Similar to the above, other Planes to add to the rotation:

  • Elemental Plane of Ice
    • similar to Earth, with ice walls and several caverns
    • ice walls cannot be dug through with a wand of digging, only a pickaxe (slowly) or wands of fire
    • ice walls slowly regrow after being dug/melted, move quickly or you will end up stuck in one
    • constant cold damage (mostly relevant through item destruction, because of cold resistance)
  • Elemental Plane of Wood
    • completely filled with trees and plant creatures
    • the player needs to kill the plants quickly or be swarmed and stuck in place, think intended and nerfed Archonstorm

--Red kangaroo (talk) 16:12, 3 November 2016 (UTC)

  • I experimented with making the Plane of Fire more interesting by putting large numbers of plant creatures, including special dungeon fern variants. The message spam was UNREAL, and the changes were reverted the very next version. Chris (talk) 17:02, 3 November 2016 (UTC)

Anachrononauts could have special keter spawn for them after they complete their Quest - basically quarut inevitables, because the player tries to change the flow of time and by the time they complete their Quest, they are enough of a threat to timeline the need to be dealt with. --Red kangaroo (talk) 07:48, 6 August 2017 (UTC)

Current dnethack project

one of the spirits should make the Pen function as a digging implement

apply Acehack & co's interface updates! Especially the v "explore" command, and the sane defaults. (Please!! also moving into doors to open and unlock, etc etc―Glycan)

reorganize the enlightenment screen and provide section headings
	Put info about senses granted by race and by spirits under senses
	Put info about clockwork temperature and boiler status into screen

Need to add a vegan/not vegan material check.

[14:51] <+Nymeria> Chris_ANG, you have a memo: <bcode> have you thought of an option to turn off the 'Press ^E to do this, ^W to do that' etc. messages at the start of each game? Sounds like something suppress_alert might be good for fwiw
[14:51] <+Nymeria> Chris_ANG, you have a memo: <bcode> (for automatic binders there's a whole lot of startup messages <_<)
[14:52] <Chris_ANG> bcode: Yeah, I'll add that to the list of interface improvements.

CHANGE NOTE: If you choose to scrap a tin, it should go with the metalvore check (ie sooner rater than later)
CHANGE NOTE: Code furnace eating as an occupation.
CHANGE NOTE: Shouldn't eating an item break Astaroth?
CHANGE NOTE: Let clockwork temperature damage wooden weapons and armor.

Are the touch attacks done wrong in spells.c (binder powers)?
	Cursory check says yup.

Currently, mariliths can parry ranged attacks. Change this?

Earthquakes, pits, fire traps

xThere is Axus' corpse here; tin it? [ynq] (n)
xAxus rises from the dead! "Yes...  But War does not preserve its enemies..." 

Improved pinobot listings
	no healing
	dangerous to eat

beholders can see through walls with their cancel eye?

[22:03] <Tempest_nano> I don't recall. It seemed I was swimming normally just swimming forever.
[22:03] <Chris_ANG> Another one, then.
[22:03] <Tempest_nano> Teleport activated while underwater, and I teleported just a square or two away in water. Completely killed the breath clock.
[22:04] <Tempest_nano> Just have teleport dump you above water and reset the breath clock, should solve it.

<Tempest_nano> I had come across a inconsistency in the stolen item thing, but I don't recall the specifics. It involved the stolen item being inside a bag.

<Menche> YANI: droven #monster ability kills 'y'

Really should set up all the new spells for tame casting....

Can monster balls of webbing work if they hit you?
	No, any yours are still messed up too :(

Sunflower shots should bounce off other monsters also.
	Also, sunflowers should be relective
	Also, sunflowers shouldn't be generated in the dark.

Binders should drop seals in bones

Fix Ctrl^X bug (ie, that thing where it doesn't scroll)

database stuff

Um, does canibalism anger your god? If so needs to be in pray code

[17:50] <Chris_ANG> Well, THAT is morbid.
[17:50] <bcode> hm?
[17:50] <Chris_ANG> Should probably do something about that.
[17:50] <bcode> context?
[17:50] <Chris_ANG> That deli had an icebox filled with Gnome and dwarf corpses
[17:51] <Chris_ANG> The minetown deli
[17:51] <bcode> hahaah

Bug spotting: youprop code assumes only Silver Dragon form grants reflection.
Adjust merge code (mergable). Corpses shouldn't merge if it will invalidate saccing.

jonadab: could also be that it keeps eroding the old stuff and not adding new properly, so maybe it erodes all over time? dunno, but the adding problem is a real thing
[02:40] <Chris_ANG> Found the bug
[02:41] <Chris_ANG> At least, I think I did.
[02:42] <Chris_ANG> The string comparison code and the engraving struct both allow for strings up to an unsigned int in length.
[02:43] <Chris_ANG> The "add to existing engraving" code, on the other hand, seems to limit the entire message to BUFSIZE, and doesn't print a message when it chops.
[02:44] <Chris_ANG> BUFSIZE is set to only 256

Completed portions of current project


Hallucinatory Engravings

Brainstorm God-specific gifts and altar loot


  • "Just Hell" option: Gehennom is just the hell levels (in order)(and wizard/fake wizard/vibrating square)
  • "Just Abyss" option: Gehennom is just the abyss levels (random order)(and wizard/fake wizard/vibrating square)
  • "long gehennom" option: Gehennom contains every possible level (abyss + hell + wizard + fake wizard + vibrating)

Catullus (talk) 16:37, 15 November 2015 (UTC)

  • "Infernal Circuit" option: you go down one way (e.g. Hell), and once you retrieve the Amulet you have to come up via the other (e.g. Abyss). I'm not sure how to implement that. C!oGL would perhaps trivialise this version. Wikid (talk) 05:36, 19 June 2016 (UTC)
  • While the arkenstone is causing conflict, it should abuse wisdom. --Ozymandias
    • Alternatively, if the player is a dwarf --Ozymandias (talk) 03:44, 26 March 2015 (UTC)
  • If you study a spell out of the Necronomicon, you should gain a bonus to cast it. --Chris
  • Intelligent rats that use weapons, doge traps, don't engage in melee.
    • What if these were kobolds (see here or here)? Makes the monster class special adn more interesting. --Red kangaroo (talk) 22:19, 1 April 2016 (UTC)
  • Gibbering Mouther/Orb -Chris
  • Star Vampire (based on slash'em monster of the same name) -Chris
  • Cameras should eventually turn into weeping angels if they are used to take pictures of weeping angels. -Chris
  • Uranium Imps should teleport their attackers whether or not the attack hits, and should have some association with uranium wands. -Chris
    • Throwing an uranium wand to an uranium imp pacifies/tames it. --Red kangaroo (talk) 22:19, 1 April 2016 (UTC)
  • Game of Life related features, including moving hallucinatory wards and possibly a Game of Life themed dungeon level or branch. -Ozymandias
    • Added moving hallucinatory wards.
  • Remove / merge those legions of popcorn monsters and useless weapons. Anything that remains should be different in an interesting way. -Tjr
  • Now that I mention it, Nethack TNG has several interesting scrolls worth considering, not just the Scroll of Consecrate. Un-genocide, reverse-identify, and consecrate are the only 3 I can remember offhand though. - Ozymandias
  • Punishers (from Sheol, in UnNetHack) - not randomly generated, but as guards for specific locations. Due to their stationary status and variety of ranged and melee abilities, they could make for an interesting situation if flanking a narrow choke point - Ozymandias
  • Goldbugs, clockwork automata (automatons), and [modified] waterspout gargoyles, from the Biodiversity patch - Ozymandias
    • I'm really liking the clockwork automata, I think I'd like to add them as a player race.... That would be a bit further down the road, though.
      • Or not :). Clockwork Automata added as a player race.
  • Some adaptation of the 7-deadly sins patch on BAO - for Un, I was thinking they could appear randomly in Gehennom instead of replacing riders. For dnethack I think the more thematically consistent behavior is that there are player activities that are related to these sins (e.x. theft is greed), and doing these increases the odds of them randomly appearing, and might increase how strong they might be when they do. - Ozymandias
    • I looked at this patch a long time ago, but decided against a direct implementation. I like the idea of behavior-weighted generation in gehennom or the endgame. Here are my thoughts on behaviors that could be tracked.
      • Gluttony: Time spent satiated, continuing to eat after getting the "having a hard time getting it all down" prompt.
      • - Alternatively, number of unique items eaten
      • Lust: Foocubi danced with.
      • - Alternatively, the higher your current CHA is, but I prefer yours
      • Envy: ??Number of carried items that were generated as part of a monster's inventory??Number of carried items that were stolen from shops/direct theft from shops??
      • - This works
      • Greed: ??Number of carried items that are stolen, direct theft from shops.??Total monetary value of carried items??
      • - Both suggestions are good, but if you do the second, envy can use number of thefts
        • (dNethack already tracks which items are "stolen," defined as "item was removed from a shop without being sold and later picked up by the player," but does not do anything with that information, as monsters may steal items from shops without the player's knowledge.
      • Sloth: Increases with the turn counter.
      • - Perfect
      • Wrath: ??Formerly-peaceful monsters killed??Species extincted and genocided??
      • - Perfect, prefer the first
      • Pride: ??Something to do with the atheist conduct??Time spent with a full prayer timeout.??
      • - Maybe something based on (CHA minus WIS)? Maybe based on how often you anger your god?
    • Notes for attacks: (Based on Dante)
      • Lust: The punishment for Lust is being blown about by winds for eternity.
      • Gluttony: Worms: Lying prone in cold rain, Cerberus.
      • Greed: This encompasses wasting resources both by hording them and loosing/destroying them.
      • Envy: Blindness
      • Wrath: Caught in a mire
      • Sloth: Great speed.
      • Pride: Frozen in ice, falling.
  • UnNetHack's tweak to Curse Items (if it targets a cursed container, it recurses to a random object inside the container)
  • Elves get angry if they see a non elf using Elbereth
  • New RA - fingerless gloves - don't protect from cockatrice corpses, but melee can still hit with rings and you can swap your rings without removing the gloves
    • Thinking about adding this as a special property, ie, some percentage of gloves could be "fingerless" as well as their other properties, so that there could be both, for example, fingerless gauntlets of power and regular gauntlets of power in a single game.
  • Give Death an artifact scythe?
  • Replace Scroll of Amnesia with Scroll of Flood. Low luck and large depth both increase the chance of a cursed scroll of flood creating Lethe water (both an interesting effect and a nod to it replacing ?oAmnesia)
  • Add the #tip command and heavyshot mechanics from Dynahack (NaturesWitness)
  • Change to binder endgame: The neutral god of the true pantheon should be something other than the void, (maybe "The Wallmaker"), and to win as a binder, you have to draw a seal on each high altar, then draw it on any non-altar square, place the amulet in it, and then bind the spirit of <<insert victory spirit here>> --Ozymandias (talk) 20:16, 9 March 2015 (UTC)
  • Steam Automaton - starting race similar to clockwork automaton's stove upgrades ("steamer", "steam-powered")
    • Like wood/oil stove upgrades, can "drink" potions and "eat" vegan corpses
    • Gets small amount of nutrition from "eating" wooden weapons and projectiles (proportionate to weight of item)
    • Gets respectable amount of nutrition from "eating" jet stones, since jet is a form of lignite, a precursor to hard coal
    • Has a chance of being instakilled by water (falling into water, rust traps, rusting attacks) extinguishing its furnace; reduced by wearing oilskin cloak or greasing armor
    • In an emergency, can slash steam hose (#monster ability, or possibly hitting yourself with the F key) to release a jet of scalding steam at opponents, which deals fire damage without destroying scrolls/spellbooks, at cost of some HP and steam pressure (nutrition)
    • Considers goggles (pair of lenses) racial equipment, receives charisma bonus from wearing them (joke on a steampunk stereotype) --Cherokee Jack (talk) 17:19, 26 June 2015 (UTC)
  • Orcs (the monsters) should get poison resistance. Player-orcs have it, but monster-orcs only get the infravision... --Red kangaroo (talk) 22:19, 1 April 2016 (UTC)
  • Seals descriptions in-game like wards descriptions in the latest uptates. ——Transcendreamer (talk) 16:03, 17 August 2017 (UTC)
  • Based on their encyclopedia entry, intoners should go extinct after six are generated. --Kahran042 (talk) 13:07, 30 April 2020 (UTC)
  • Free running with pet through corridors and rooms (quite often pet stops ahead of character and prevents running further, it's very annoying, as it happens over and over) ——Transcendreamer (talk) 18:55, 18 August 2021 (UTC)

Completed YANIs

  • Some references to the Submachine series, maybe just some engravings, maybe something more
    • I haven't played that series, sadly. Perhaps you can suggest some in the new sub page :)?
      • Done :) (You should check the series out - it is fun and rather short)
  • A statue of a giant turtle should behave like a boulder, or at least block vision. - Ozymandias
    • Current version acts EXACTLY like a boulder, I'd like to tweak it so that statues are harder to push than boulders are -Chris
  • Scrolls of Warding (Scrolls of X: engrave X ward when read, Scrolls of Warding: burn selected ward when read) -Ozymandias
  • Ring appearance improvements, part 2 (ring wards can be magically transferred to the ground) -Ozymandias
  • when eating the corpse of a rat-type monster, if your character is a dwarf you should get the "This is delicious!" message instead of the "This tastes terrible!" message (Discworld reference).-NaturesWitness
  • Long worm corpses should taste "spicy" - Ozymandias
  • The various elemental crystal orbs should be lighter, and should only detect their associated trap and Elemental type. --Chris
  • Wishing improvements (fix problems introduced by new artifacts with plural names. Allow wishing for engraved items). -Chris
  • Scroll of consecrate (from Nethack TNG) - creates an altar at your present location, with chance of being co-aligned being based on BUC. Probably should be additional effects for each BUC, and for confused. Maybe there would be a fixed, limited number of these that exist in a game. Maybe even some unique "artifact" scrolls. - Ozymandias
    • There is now one scroll of consecrate in the game.

Wiki Related

  • The giant turtle image is showing up on the main wiki entry for giant turtle, which is currently semi-specific to UnNetHack. UnNetHack is the origin for dnethack's giant turtle; however, I use a red ':' instead of a green one, to match the red spots on the tile's image. Also, the dnethack giant turtle has a much lower AC.