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--Cherokee Jack
[Red Zone Cuba, written, produced and directed by (and starring) Coleman Francis]

A casual gamer, I like NetHack for the creativity of its fan base, in generating and sharing so many patches and forks. I have little experience in coding (except in BASIC) but some experience as a writer. My goal in starting an account on this wiki is to get some practice writing for the web while contributing to good article quality for other NetHack players (and perhaps sharing YANI or two of my own).

About the user name: No, I am not really Cherokee. My user name is a reference to the character "Cherokee Jack" in the 1966 cult film Red Zone Cuba aka Night Train to Mundo Fine, immortalized by movie-riffing show Mystery Science Theater 3000, of which I am also a fan.

Current projects

My current editing priorities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Completing broken links
Using the list of Wanted Pages as a guide.
  • Updating NetHack 3.4.3 pages to 3.6.0
This includes adding version numbers to pages with unversioned Refsrc and Reffunc templates. I try to do this semi-systematically, updating several related pages in one sitting. Often I manage to make these changes while I'm editing a page as part of a different task.
  • Filling gaps in coverage of variants on the wiki
Mostly active variants like UnNetHack and dNetHack, but I have also done some work on influential older variants and patches like NetHack--, the Biodiversity patch, and NetHack: The Next Generation.
  • General proofreading of content
Not restricted to variants. This happens somewhat randomly, as my practice whenever I see pages that could be improved is to add them to my watchlist and then do the edits when I have more time.

Pages on my namespace

User:Cherokee Jack/Changes in UnNetHack from NetHack 3.4.3

For visitors

If you have any other projects to recommend, feel free to suggest them on my talk page.

Does anyone know where I could find copies of the code for NetHack: The Next Generation or the Bard patch? These are variants/patches I've tried to document on the wiki, but without the source for either, I had to reconstruct the content from notes left by the programmers and appearances in dNetHack or Slash'EM Extended. If anyone could point me to copies of the original code for either, I would appreciate it very much.