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The purpose of this page is to list differences between UnNetHack (current version 5.1.0) and NetHack 3.4.3.


  • New role (Convict) and race (Vampire)
  • New branches
  • New monsters
  • Changes to wishing
  • Many new encyclopedia entries for features that did not have them in NetHack 3.4.3.


  • More training is required to be able to advance to a new skill level.
  • Instead of being fatal, poison has a chance of being "very toxic", reducing your max HP and abusing strength.



  • New race: Vampire (similar to SLASH'EM)
  • The game now tracks racial armor. Elves, dwarves, and orcs get an additional +1 to AC for every piece of armor they wear that is associated with their respective race.
  • Elves do not regenerate health while touching iron with bare skin. Wielded iron weapons will have this effect unless gloves are worn, as will iron amulets (that is, all amulets except the Amulet of Yendor and its plastic imitations) worn without a shirt or body armor.
  • Gnomes get an extra shot when firing bolts from a crossbow.


New branches

Special levels

Existing branches

  • Predesigned level maps (including levels in Sokoban) may be flipped horizontally or vertically.
  • A new deserted map for Minetown, with empty shops, a desecrated temple, and an orc infestation.
  • The Big Room is likely to contain candles.
  • The first vault below level 10, if one exists, will contain a portal to Fort Ludios.
  • Some level designs for Fort Ludios feature drawbridges. These do not respond to the passtune.


  • Sokoban is just three levels, and has more maps. The final level always contains three prizes (a bag of holding, a cloak, and an amulet), but the player can only choose one. After one is picked up, the other two are destroyed.
  • Cheating in Sokoban does not incur a luck penalty, but is tracked as a conduct. Perhaps to compensate, the scrolls of earth on the first floor have been removed.


  • Gehennom mazes are more likely to feature certain design elements (Heck² patch). Caverns surrounded by lava are common level designs.
  • Several unique demons have alternate maps for their lairs, including some from the Lethe patch.
  • Demogorgon has his own lair in Gehennom, featuring a small maze surrounded by ice, but it is not guaranteed to appear in every game.
  • Baalzebub's Lair and Moloch's Sanctum now contain drawbridges. These do not respond to the passtune.
  • The player now gets messages when within two tiles of the vibrating square.


Level design

  • New special rooms
  • New "vault"-type room designs


  • Iron bars may be destroyed by thrown potions of acid. They can also be eaten by metallivores.
  • Trees may spread over time (Dungeon Growths patch).
  • Cutting down trees can produce quarterstaves or clubs.
  • Drawbridges will not close if there is a huge monster in the way. There is also a 20% chance of the mechanism getting "stuck" and failing to close when the player tries to close it.
  • If you have an unlocking tool in your inventory and attempt to move into a locked door, the game will ask you if you want to unlock it. The same goes for locked containers.
  • The random uncursed potion that sometimes comes out of a sink has a 1 in 13 chance of being a potion of vampire blood, with a chance dependent on the player's luck of being cursed or blessed.
  • Dropping a ring of polymorph or a ring of teleportation into a sink affects it permanently, by turning it into another type of furniture or by teleporting it to another part of the level, respectively.
  • Kicking a headstone has a chance of destroying it.

New terrain types



Changes to existing objects


  • The number of shots you can fire from a crossbow at once is reduced if your strength is less than 18, or 16 for a gnome. Gnomes also get an extra shot when firing bolts with a crossbow.




  • Tins of szechuan food have a 50% chance of including a bonus fortune cookie (Free Fortune Cookie Patch).
  • Vegetables (carrots, wolfsbane, garlic, and kelp) can multiply if left on the floor long enough (Dungeon Growths patch).


  • Potions can be combined (via dipping) to make new ones, based on color.
Main article: Color alchemy
  • A potion of acid can be identified by dipping a lichen corpse into it. This is a reference to the litmus test, which uses a pH-sensitive dye which is found in lichens.



  • Applying a spellbook gives an indication of how many more times it can still be read before fading.



New items


New artifacts

The Amulet of Yendor

  • The mysterious force no longer impedes your progress upward while the Amulet of Yendor is in your possession. However, if the Amulet is ever dropped, it has a chance of teleporting to another part of the same level. The probability of this happening is highest if the Amulet is cursed, and lowest if it is blessed.
  • The potential effects of carrying the Amulet of Yendor now include earthquakes which create pits around the player, as when a drum of earthquake is used.

Quest artifacts

The Banes

Many of The Banes have been modified. All of them except Sunsword grant warning of their target monsters, and Dragonbane, Giantslayer, Werebane, Ogresmasher, and Trollsbane all have a 20% chance of killing their target monsters instantly.


  • Grimtooth is permanently poisoned, dealing an additional 1d6 damage against monsters that do not resist poison, which it has a 10% chance of killing instantly. It is now the first sacrifice gift for Rogues.
  • If you have not been given Cleaver as a sacrifice gift, you are guaranteed to find it in Sheol, wielded by the Executioner.
  • Vorpal Blade warns of J (which now includes vorpal jabberwocks).


  • Mail daemons may give one helpful hint scroll per game (if this feature is enabled).
  • The curse items monster spell can curse a random item inside a container in your inventory, if the container was targeted and had already been cursed.

New monsters


  • The game keeps notes on what the player has found on each level (e.g. fountains, thrones). Players can add their own annotations.
  • Showweight patch included.
  • Monstercolor is applied by default.
  • Wizard mode gives you the option (showdmg) to display the amount of damage inflicted by an attack.


  • The name of the creator deity in the opening text (formerly Marduk) is now randomly selected from a list drawn from various mythologies.
  • There are several new sources of candles to ensure that the player finds enough for the invocation. Wax golems drop wax candles when killed, and gnomes often have candles in their starting inventory. Maps for the Big Room contain guaranteed candles.
  • Woodchucks are now part of random monster generation on the Oracle's level, in addition to the one specimen guaranteed to appear there. They will attack the Oracle on sight (one of many programmed hostilities), but get picked off gradually by her magic missile passive attack.
  • Long worm corpses taste "spicy"—an homage to Dune.
  • Monks use "Punardarsanaya" instead of "Goodbye" (e.g. when losing an experience level). This is the Sanskrit equivalent of the phrase.
  • All characters created on May 25 are guaranteed to receive a towel. This is a reference to Towel Day.
  • Players have the option of playing an enforced Zen conduct, which equips them at the beginning with a cursed blindfold and summons monsters to punish them if they violate the conduct. It is possible to #invoke the Book of the Dead without being able to see it, in order to complete the invocation.