Anti-matter vortex

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The anti-matter vortex is a new monster in NetHack brass and older versions of UnNetHack.

NetHack brass/UnNetNack

The anti-matter vortex is a very dangerous monster to encounter if one lacks disintegration resistance. Any weapon that hits it will be disintegrated, as well as the armor, and eventually the body of anyone who is engulfed by it.


If the player does not have disintegration resistance, use Elbereth and teleport away, or use attack spells. Anything you hit it with will be disintegrated, so don't use ranged weapons unless you don't mind them being destroyed.

Encyclopedia Entry

Swirling clouds of pure elemental energies, the vortices are thought to be related to the larger elementals. Though the vortices do no damage when touched, they are noted for being able to envelop unwary travellers. The hapless fool thus swallowed by a vortex will soon perish from exposure to the element the vortex is composed of.