Fortune cookie

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% Fortune cookie.png
Name fortune cookie
Base price 7 zm
Nutrition 40
Turns to eat 1
Weight 1
Conduct vegetarian (literate)

A fortune cookie is a comestible that has a scrap of paper inside with a random rumor. Blessed fortune cookies always contain true rumors, cursed fortune cookies always contain false rumors, and uncursed fortune cookies may contain either. They will never be rotten when eaten, regardless of their beatitude[1].

In normal circumstances, eating a fortune cookie breaks vegan conduct but not vegetarian (presumably because it was baked with eggs or dairy) as well as illiterate conduct (because you automatically read the paper inside). You can preserve vegan or foodless conduct by reading the cookie instead of eating it, which makes you break and throw away the actual cookie to read its paper. You can preserve illiterate by blinding yourself before eating the cookie, which causes the message "What a pity you cannot read it!" instead of showing a rumor.

Because of their low weight and nutritional value, fortune cookies are useful for taming carnivorous domestic pets. (When you throw a fortune cookie at an animal that devours it, the fortune inside it disappears.)