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The Punisher is a monster found in the Sheol branch of UnNetHack. Each randomly generated Sheol level has a 50% chance of containing a Punisher upon generation. They are stationary, but cast powerful spells from the unique spell set AD_PUNI, which contains a selection of mage and clerical spells, as well as a melee-range spell that will punish the player. One is also created when you read a non-blessed scroll of punishment while confused.

Punishers are the only members of the new "statue" monster class in UnNetHack, which uses the same character (` as ordinary statues and boulders.


Punishers are visible via telepathy. Because they frequently cast summon nasties while the player is near, cannot be killed with instadeath attacks, and are otherwise troublesome to kill in straight-up combat, they are best evaded. Continued levitation is also advised, in case a fire-breathing dragon or monster with a wand of fire is created, which could melt the ice under you. You can also try to dig/fire through the ice walls to create a path to avoid them.

Encyclopedia entry

Former wizards of the dark pits, the Punishers are immortal
statues of great magical abilities. Their most feared
ability is to conjure up a big, ugly and rusty iron ball
that is chained around adventurers; adding to the heaviness
of their duties.

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