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Hello, world!

I managed to secure three ascensions so far, all in UnNetHack:

  • A female orcish barbarian was my first. You can read my ascension post here.
  • A female dwarven valkyrie. Not as easy as everyone says. ;) Orcus managed to summon Demogorgon, so I ran and did my best to avoid both of them on the ascension run.
  • A male human priest. I went a bit overboard with preparations here, even by NetHack standards. I was XL 30 with 737 HP (nearly twice the HP my valkyrie ascended with) and -39 AC before entering Gehennom.

I also had one very promising orcish wizard who cleared Gehennom all the way down to the vibrating square and only needed to get the Book and the Candelabrum before the final push, but then I YASD'd against Vlad. Yeah, really... Don't laugh!

Here is a list of my YANIs:

Or see here for my unedited notes and thoughts. ;)

Happy hacking!