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This is a list of ideas I had for new items, or a way to rework and hopefully improve items existing either in vanilla or one of the variants. I'd also like for a new effects to be added to cursed items, to make preventing your equipment from getting cursed more than an annoyance and swap prevention.

I also have some YANIs for artifacts.


As a property of weapons, silver is very powerful. However, only a very limited number of weapons is silver, making many choices obsolete by the virtue of losing the +1d20 damage that does make a difference. I'd suggest adding more silver weapons for the skills that have none, as SLASH'EM and dNetHack already done is some way.

The following weapons exist in variants:

However, I think most if not all weapon classes should have a silver weapon to increase the viabilty of differing weapon choices. Suggestions can be found below.



  • apply to perform a surgery
    • takes between 5 and 50 turns, decreased by dexterity, halved if wearing a surgical mask (see below), halved again if a healer, with a minimum of 1 turn
    • removes one of the following afflictions (in order of removal): stoning, sliming, wounded legs
    • deals 2d8 damage (as you cut into yourself)

hunting knife

  • uncursed doubles, blessed triples the chance to get a corpse drop

knife of accuracy

  • thrown always hits

dwarvish knife

gnomish knife

dragon tooth



Two-handed swords

silver claymore

gun sword

ogrish greatsword

triple sword

  • deals 3d8 damage vs small, 3d12 vs large monsters
  • made of iron and weights 250 units


silver sickle


silver spetum


  • instead of the reaching attack of normal polearms, scythes can be applied to reap; reaping attacks all squares adjacent to the player simultaneously



  • deals 2d4 damage vs both small and large
  • made of wood



iron-shod staff

silver-tipped staff

lead-filled staff

dragonbone staff




  • deals 1d4 damage vs both small and large
  • cuts down trees much faster
  • only weights 20 units


  • deals 1d5 damage vs small, 1d4 vs large monsters
  • made of mineral
  • stacks like daggers and can be multishot

orcish battle-axe

  • deals 1d6+1d4 damage vs small, 1d6+2d4 vs large monsters
  • one-handed weapon
  • orcs get +1 to hit and damage

dwarven war-axe

  • deals 3d4 damage vs small, 3d6 vs large monsters
  • two-handed weapon
  • dwarves get +1 to hit and damage


gnomish shovel

  • deals 1d3 damage vs both small and large
  • made of wood, weights 40 units
  • gnomes use it as a +2 weapon and may be generated with one

army spade

  • deals 1d6 damage vs both small and large
  • made of iron
  • army members may carry one


  • aklyses may be made of silver to help distinguish them against other weapons

giant spiked club


  • merge morning star into the Maces skill, removing a redundant one-weapon skill

ogrish greatmace


silver mallet

large hammer

  • two-handed
  • deals 3d4 damage vs small, 1d4+8 vs large monsters

trollish maul


whip of slaughtering

  • deals 1d30 damage vs small, 1 vs large monsters
  • works even against thick-skinned monsters
  • can be applied to reach, as with a polearm

silver chain-sickle

iron chain

wet towel

demon whip

sacred scrouge


silver flindbar


The unicorn horn needs more weapons in its weapon class, just as other weapon skills with a single weapon. They are overly specific and mostly not interesting enough options to justify spending skill slots. Thus, I suggest moving unihorn into the Stakes skill, plus adding several weapons to increase the viability of the class.

wooden stake

  • from SLASH'EM, but now under stake skill
  • deals 1d6 damage vs both small and large
  • has 10% chance to instakill any vampire

iron spike

  • never randomly generated
  • from destroyed spiked pits; pushing a boulder into a spiked pit creates several buried iron spikes, with a chance of being poisoned
  • deals 1d4 damage vs both small and large
  • stacks like daggers and can be multishot

silver spike

  • silver weapon (see above)
  • deals 1d4 damage vs both small and large, plus silver damage
  • stacks like daggers and can be multishot

any wand

  • uses this skill if wielded in melee
  • deals 1d2 damage vs both small and large
  • if an attack wand, it has a skill-in-10 chance to deal additional damage equal to 1d(current charges), without using up a charge
    • damage type depends on the wand type
    • not the same as zapping the wand for free, it only affects the monster hit


silver chakram




silver bolt

silver dart

silver star

  • throwing star when unidentified, same as shurikens

arrow of seeking

  • same stats as a normal arrow, but offers +20 to hit


See dragon armor for thoughts on resistances, less rigid ascension kit and dragon tailoring.


helm of teleport control

oilskin cap


dwarven chain shirt

elven chain shirt



black leather armor

troll leather armor


animal skin

cloak of protection

  • grants double its enchantment to AC

troll hide

  • rarely drops from slayed trolls
  • offers base 1 AC and regeneration
  • may be enchanted into troll leather armor


  • any pair of gloves can be generated with a fingerless prefix
    • fingerless gloves don't protect from wielded items (demons should be seared by silver, elves should not heal wielding iron), or from touching certain corpses
    • they don't prevent removal of rings while cursed, however, and secondary effects of certain rings are also possible (eg. silver damage to unarmed with silver ring and fingerless gloves)
  • randomized appearance of gloves could matter more:
    • old gloves are impervious to erosion
    • padded gloves increase AC by 1
    • fencing gloves increase to-hit by 3
    • new rubber gloves protect rings from shock damage
    • new latex gloves are so thin that rings are worn over them, thus they don't prevent removal of rings while cursed and secondary effects of certain rings are also possible

bracers of protection

  • offer base 2 AC and protection, increasing the player's MC by 1
  • made of iron
  • do not protect against touching things

dwarvish gauntlets

gloves of free action

gloves of good fortune

gloves of thievery

  • protection from theft

knitted mittens

  • offer base 0 AC
  • made of cloth
  • decrease Dex by 1, because it's difficult to grasp firmly in mittens

chain mittens

  • offer base 2 AC
  • made of iron
  • decrease Dex by 1, because it's difficult to grasp firmly in mittens


I always liked the idea of adding belts as a new type of armor to NetHack. Slight balancing might be necessary, however, as this would allow the player to achieve lower AC.

Name AC Wt Effect Material Appearance
leather belt 0 leather belt
belt of striking 0 Enchantment increases all damage done. leather belt
belt of flying 0 flight leather belt
belt of carrying 0 Increases carrying capacity based on enchantment. leather belt
belt of teleportation 0 teleportitis leather belt
belt of gender bender 1
  • equipping curses the belt and permanently switches the player's gender
  • can be used repeatedly
leather belt
chastity belt 2
  • prevents foocubi encounters
  • cannot be blessed or cursed, cursing instead locks it
  • can be unlocked with any key
iron belt
mithril girdle 2 Can be safely enchanted up to +7. mithril girdle
girdle of greed 1
  • negates the weight of any gold carried in open inventory
  • non-cursed protects from gold stealing
  • blessed protects from all theft
  • cursed prevents getting rid of any items (the player cannot drop, throw or shoot items, pay or donate gold etc.), but does not protect from theft
gold girdle
girdle of speed 1 Grants intrinsic speed. silver girdle
girdle of protection 2 Increases MC by 1. iron girdle
girdle of giant strength 1 Increases strength by enchantment. iron girdle
girdle of great weight 3
  • grants MC 1
  • blessed has no further effects
  • uncursed halves the player's carrying capacity, cursed decreases it to 1/4
iron girdle
girdle of weakness 1 Sets strength to 3. iron girdle
panties 0 Thrown cause confusion in enemies. cloth piece of cloth
loincloth 0 Thrown cause fear in enemies. cloth piece of cloth
codpiece 2 Protects males from bonus damage from critical kick attacks. iron
rope 0 Dropped by rope golems. cloth

Towels and iron chains can also be worn in the waist slot.


boots of freedom

gnomish shoes


  • dwarvish roundshield should offer 3 AC, in accordance with other dwarven equipment having better than average stats



set of horseshoes


amulet of data storage

  • found on the Computer Level
  • non-cursed grants amnesia resistance
  • blessed greatly slows the loss of spell knowledge
  • cursed increases the loss of spell knowledge ten times

amulet of weaponmastery

  • cursed makes all your attacks unskilled
  • uncursed adds one to the skill of your attacks
  • blessed sets all your attacks to expert skill


  • type of a neck armor
  • worn in amulet slot, but has no magical powers
  • offers base 1 AC
  • made of iron, so hinders spellcasting
  • can be enchanted with scrolls as any armor

Useless items are no fun, thus I suggest replacing amulets of change and restful sleep.

amulet of change

  • we already have ring of polymorph, so this amulet needs something unique
  • merge with amulet of unchanging
    • now acts as before if non-cursed, but grants unchanging while cursed (because curses twist and reverse the normal effects of any item)

amulet of insomnia

  • replaces amulet of restful sleep
  • grants sleep resistance
  • acts as before if cursed (because curses twist and reverse the normal effects of any item), also suppresing any sleep resistance (including intrinsic one)


spellbook of secrets


  • all eligible items could be enchanted by dipping into potions of gain level, with BUC of the potion having the same effect as BUC of enchanting scrolls


I propose several new rings, some of which have special effects when #rubbed. This is both because I feel the #rub command is greatly underused and because it creates an interesting opportunity for new ring effects.

  • dropping rings into a sink may only bury them under the sink rather than destroy them, based on luck

ring of djinni summoning

  • can be #rubbed for a variety of effects, destroying the ring
    • blessed results in a prompt to select either non-magical wish or a pet djinni
    • uncursed creates a peaceful djinni
    • cursed always results in a hostile djinni

ring of elements

I think the three rings of damage resistances are vastly underused, and it's mostly because how easy are these resistances acquired intrinsically. Combining them into a single ring should make it a more viable and desirable item, plus I really like the idea or corpse-gained intrinsics timing out as in dNetHack to make your rings even more important.

  • replaces rings or cold, fire and shock resistance
  • grants cold, fire and shock resistance
  • cursed could suppress any form of cold, fire and shock resistance

rings of gain attribute

  • all sustain their given attribute if blessed, but only from going down, not up

ring of light

  • worn grants light radius of 2 uncursed or 3 blessed
  • cursed has no effect

ring of luck

  • worn modifies luck timeout as a luckstone would
  • chargeable, grants extra luck or reduced luck based on its enchantment
  • rarely may replace the guaranteed luckstone in the Mine's End, as getting the same stone every game is no fun

ring of magic resistance

ring of material stability

ring of mental stability

ring of mind shielding

rings of protection from foo

ring of teleportation

  • blessed prompts for confirmation before each teleport, as a blessed scroll of teleport
  • cursed always teleports uncontrollably

ring of timely backup

  • found on the Computer Level
  • chargeable
  • can be #rubbed to summon a monster to back the player up, decreasing its enchantment by 1
  • blessed summons mostly tame or peaceful monsters, uncursed generally peaceful and cursed always hostile
  • higher enchantment (either positive or negative) results in more powerful monsters, plus positive enchantment increases the chances of tame monster while negative increases the chances of hostile one
    • enchantment around +0 mostly results in weak monsters
    • blessed but negatively enchanted ring may create both tame and hostile creatures

Negative Rings

While strictly negative items are not very interesting, IMHO, because once identified, they cannot be used as anything but a polypile trash (or simply dropped and forgotten), and thus only serve to make the identification game less predictable, I cannot resist adding several ideas for negative rings. While some of these may be situationally useful, they are mostly items you would hope to never find.

ring of doom

  • always generated uncursed, but curses itself upon donning
  • sets luck to -13 until removed

ring of insanity

ring of hallucination

ring of elemental weakness

  • blocks resistances to fire, cold and shock damage, no matter whether the player has them intrinsically or extrinsically

ring of alchemical weakness

  • blocks resistances to acid and poison damage, no matter whether the player has them intrinsically or extrinsically

ring of critical weakness

  • grants the monsters a chance of doing critical attack, dealing double damage

ring of melee weakness

ring of ranged weakness

ring of spell weakness

ring of mental weakness

  • blocks resistances to confusion, stun, paralysis and sleep
  • increases chances of getting confused, stunned, paralyzed and slept from all sources

ring of dimensional anchor

ring of missing finger

  • curses itself upon donning
  • removes your other ring slot (eg. if you put it on your left finger, you loose your right finger) for as long as it is worn, dropping the ring equipped there (if any) on the ground
  • can be used to get rid of a cursed ring on your other hand, but still auto-curses itself


scroll of confuse monster

Very weak scroll and nearly useless after early game, I suggest a new power to make it somewhat more interesting to keep through later stages:

scroll of earth

  • confused non-cursed invokes earthquake
  • confused cursed summons several hostile earth elementals

scroll of destroy jewelry and scroll of destroy weapon

scroll of root password detection

  • found on the Computer Level
  • creates 1d5/1d3/1 scroll labeled XYZZY according to BUC
  • confused non-cursed only prints YAFM "The root password is ’xyzzy‘." with no further effect
  • confused cursed prints "Data corruption warning, activating safety protocols." and levelports

scroll of wishing

  • blessed grants single magical wish
  • uncursed grants single non-magical wish
  • cursed creates a cursed wand of wishing (1:-1)
  • confused non-cursed summons several peaceful djinn
  • confused cursed summons several hostile djinn







Several items to be worn on the face, just as a pair of lenses, a blindfold or a r'lyehian faceplate.

Name Effect Material Appearance
goggles of seeing see invisible glass
goggles of searching searching glass
goggles of infravision infravision glass
goggles of clairvoyance clairvoyance glass
goggles of blurring
  • reading spellbooks always fails, as if they were cursed
  • reading scrolls either fails (75%) without consuming the scroll, or acts as if confused (25%)
  • often generated cursed
goggles of ugliness aggravate monsters glass
goggles of dazzling
  • restrict vision range to 1 square
  • often generated cursed
pair of shades Prevent blindness from yellow lights and lightning. glass glasses
eyepatch Grants +1 to Cha. leather leather strip
surgical mask sickness resistance cloth mask
gas mask Grants immunity to clouds. plastic mask
carnival mask Angered shopkeepers and priests will not recognize the player. paper mask
illithid mask
  • grants water breathing (lesser form of unbreathing)
  • grants psi resistance (resist psi bolt and mind blast)
  • if blessed grants additional tentacle suck 2d1 attack
bone mask
  • grants mutness (cannot cast spells, read scrolls and #chat)
  • prevents eating and drinking
  • often generated cursed
leather leather strip
earrings of hearing Any sound heard by the player will reveal the source for one round (eg. "chugging sound" will show the monster drinking). gold pair of earrings
earrings of beauty Set Cha to 25. gold pair of earrings
earrings of deafness Grant deafness. gold pair of earrings

Light sources


  • can hold candles just as the Candelabrum
  • made of gold with appearence candelabrum
  • lit has light radius equal to the number of candles it holds

wooden torch

  • can be applied to light up, with same light radius as a candle
    • cannot be lit if fireproof, then works as an ordinary club
  • used in melee works as a club, plus lit adds 1d3 fire damage
  • when it burns out, it transforms into a very burnt club
  • can be created with a club and a bandage

everburning torch

  • as a torch, but never burns out and can be lit while fireproof

torch of brightness

  • as a torch, but has light radius as a lamp

torch of twilight

  • as a torch, but creates a darkness radius instead of light
  • drow can start with one

water candle

  • can only be lit underwater
  • increases underwater vision range to 2 squares

lantern of revealing



pair of scales

  • apply upon any item to learn its weight


  • consumed upon use
  • apply to increase charisma by 4 if blessed, 2 if uncursed, or decrease by 2 if cursed
  • any water damage (or being creamed) causes the makeup to smudge, resulting in a -2 penalty to charisma instead of the above bonus
  • smudged or not, can be removed with #wipe


  • could train Cha if applied with over 10 Cha (more training if blessed) and abuse it if under 10 Cha and/or cursed
  • could display „You seem to notice something <strange/suspicious> in the reflection.“ if anything invisible (strange) or hidden (suspicious) is present nearby
    • cursed only displays „You seem to notice something weird in the reflection.“

magic mirror

holy symbol

  • apply to turn undead
    • rather than alignment of the player, the turning works in regards to BUC of the item
  • can be used in Gehennom

duct tape


Wands could use a bit of special treatment in regards to their BUC - cursed wands do not work correctly as the curse is interfering with their magic, causing unpredictable results of a zap. Every zap of any cursed wand is 20% of time replaced by one of the following effects:

  • common effects (60%), equal chance of:
    • bolt of random damage (acid, fire, cold or shock), non-directional wands shoot in random direction
    • if in light, creates darkness, if in dark, creates light
    • teleports itself out of the player's inventory
    • stinking cloud at the player's location
  • uncommon effects (30%), equal chance of:
    • equips into main hand (it is cursed, remember)
    • drains life
    • summons monsters
    • deals shock damage to the player, if not resisted, regains 1d3 charges
  • rare effects (9%), equal chance of:
    • transforms into snake (and back once killed)
    • earthquake
    • uncontrollably levelports the player
    • summons nasties
  • very rare effect (1%), equal chance of:
    • curses items
    • destroys random piece of equipment
    • explodes (as if broken)
    • polymorphs itself into different wand

This makes curses on wands much more interesting (and probably dangerous).

Several wands could use a new engrave message:

wand of probing

  • "You probe the bugs on the <floor>. You feel more confident in your entomology skill."

wand of undead turning

  • "The bugs on the <floor> try to flee!"

wand of secret door detection

  • "You find many hidden bugs on the <floor>."

wand of create monster

  • "Several bugs appear on the <floor>."
  • no longer summons if engraved with

wand of wishing

  • "You wish an engraving into existence!"
  • no longer provides a wish if engraved with, but non-cursed wand creates a permanent engraving and does not use a turn

wand of debugging

  • found on the Computer Level
  • non-directional, cannot be recharged or wished for
  • engraving prints "Several bugs appear on the <floor>." but has no other effect, the same message could be added to the wand of create monster
  • when zapped prints "The world around you suddenly seems to freeze and shudder." and the whole current floor is generated anew
    • the player and all uniques are placed randomly on the new floor, all other monsters or loose items are deleted
    • on special floors only paralyses the player through free action

wand of writing

  • directional wand
  • can be zapped to engrave on adjacent squares (Elbereth before you enter on the square) or engraved with normally
    • blessed burns permanent engravings
    • uncursed carves semi-permanent engravings
    • cursed writes in blood, which is similar to dust engraving
  • non-cursed engraves quickly as an athame
  • can engrave even from height and has a lowered chance of misspelling
  • if an uranium wand, creates glowing engravings

Other wands I really like: wand of acid, wand of draining, wand of wind, wand of wonder.


tin of pea soup

  • highly filling at 800 nutrition
  • grants temporary 'flatulence' intrinsic that causes the player to occasionally place a single stinking cloud on a random adjacent square

tin of school food

tin of crackers

  • second most nutritious meal in the game, at 1000 nutrition


Several gems I have no other reason to suggest but to increase the variability of them in the game. I like collecting gems.

Several of the gems below, however, may have special effects or uses. Higher tier gems are more valuable, while the color is of the corresponding worthless glass.

Color Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
clear rock crystal zircon diamond dilithium crystal
white rock salt milky quartz white opal moonstone
black charcoal obsidian onyx black pearl
red garnet jasper cherry opal ruby
green jade nephrite chrysoprase emerald
yellow pyrite citrine chrysoberyl tiger eye
blue aquamarine turquoise lapis lazuli sapphire
orange jacinth amber carnelian sunstone
brown petrified wood smoky quartz agate topaz
pink rose quartz pink opal alexandrite pink pearl
violet fluorite tourmaline nether quartz amethyst
multihued rutile mystic quartz rainbow pearl chaos shard
strange bezoar bloodstone elemental ember dragon scale
metallic hematite silver stone gold nugget piece of mithril


  • can be eaten (swallowed, to be exact) to cure illness and grant temporary poison resistance for 500+2d1000 turns


  • single random pearl is always dropped by any killed giant clam

rock salt

silver stone


  • offers light radius 1
    • not enough to make a difference from the normal vision of the player in the darkness, but can be dropped to illuminate a certain point in the dungeon

Magical crystals