Wand of acid

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Name acid
Appearance random
Base price 500 zm
Weight 7
Type ray
Maximum charges
Monster use May be used offensively by monsters.

The wand of acid, added in Slash'EM Extended and SLASHTHEM, shoots an acidic ray, similar to a yellow dragon's breath attack.

Like many other acid-based attacks, the acid ray can corrode iron and copper weapons and armor. Every time an acid ray hits a target, there is a 1 in 6 chance that the target's weapon will be affected and a separate 1 in 6 chance that its armor will be affected. If a player wielding two weapons is hit by the acid, each weapon has a 1 in 3 chance of being affected.

Being hit by the acid ray will cure stoning. However, if you zap yourself with the wand, you will also take 8-48 damage, unless you have acid resistance. A potion of acid or an acidic corpse are safer cures that do less damage.

The acid ray can also destroy doors. ("The door melts!" or, if you are blind, "You hear sizzling.")

Breaking a wand of acid (by applying) causes an explosion which deals double damage to you and to creatures on surrounding squares.

Attempting to engrave with a wand of acid returns the message "The bugs on the <floor> seem to be covered in goo!" which can be used to identify the wand, though the wand does not self-identify. Engravings made this way are non-permanent.


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