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Duct tape would be a new charged tool that allows the player improvise some items from other items at his or her disposal. Some of the recipes below should allow the player to offset a malicious RNG or to access an item of comparable value and/or use. Some are more for fun. Some are rather useless, but hey, we have wands of nothing!

Tourists may sometimes start with a duct tape.


Duct tape can be applied like any other tool.

It prompts to select two items either in the player's inventory, or under his or her feet. Using these two items, a new item is then crafted. This takes between 50 and 500 turns, decreased by high Dex, but the player always gives up after 200 turns. If the two items selected cannot be combined, the crafting always fails and the items are not used up. The BUC of the resulting item is a combination of the component items. Both successful and failed use of duct tape uses charges.

If some of the recipes are considered too powerful to be accessed freely, a blueprint scroll may be required to learn the recipe. For example, a blueprint of magic lamp (unidentified same as any other scroll) would allow the player to craft a magic lamp using the recipe below, but without reading it, combining the two items would fail with no effect. Alternatively, more powerful recipes may require more charges from the duct tape.

Some of the recipes are not entirely realistic. A wizard did it, apparently.


Recipes are written as follows:

ingredient #1 + ingredient #2

  • product


club + rock

quarterstaff + broadsword

quarterstaff + battle-axe

quarterstaff + sickle

quarterstaff + trident

quarterstaff + leash

quarterstaff + scimitar

quarterstaff + knife

quarterstaff + iron chain

either arrow, dagger, spear, long sword, mace or bullet + silver ring or wand

frag grenade + potion of sickness


helmet + amulet of ESP

helmet + amulet of drain resistance

helmet + potion of acid

helmet + pair of lenses

helmet + any dragon scales

leather armor + iron chain

scale mail + any dragon scales

plate mail + dilithium crystal

leather cloak + ring of magic resistance

leather cloak + ring of protection

leather cloak + ring of invisibility

leather cloak + mirror

large shield + amulet of reflection

small shield + any dragon scales

leather gloves + ring of gain strength

leather gloves + ring of gain dexterity

leather gloves + ring of magic resistance

leather gloves + any dragon scales

low boots + amulet of flying

low boots + ring of levitation

low boots + wand of speed monster


All ring recipes are based on randomized appearance of the rings in every game.

silver ring + diamond

  • diamond ring

silver ring + jade

  • jade ring

silver ring + topaz

  • topaz ring

silver ring + emerald

  • emerald ring

silver ring + sapphire

  • sapphire ring

gold ring + ruby

  • ruby ring

gold ring + agate

  • agate ring

gold ring + opal

  • opal ring

iron ring + rock

  • granite ring

iron ring + tiger corpse

  • tiger eye ring


blank scroll + blank scroll


club + any precious gem

wand of nothing + scroll of light

wand of nothing + potion of full healing

wand of nothing + vampire (lord) corpse

Some wand recipes are also based on randomized appearance of the wands.

iron wand + iron spike

  • spiked wand

silver wand + any precious gem

  • jeweled wand

wand of nothing + dilithium crystal

  • crystal wand


club + bandage

leather armor + leash

tooled horn + wand of fire

tooled horn + wand of cold

tin whistle + eucalyptus leaf

wooden flute + amulet of restful sleep

wooden harp + scroll of taming

leather drum + wand of digging

pick-axe + dilithium crystal

iron chain + sickle

large box + wand of cold

oil lamp + wand of wishing