Wooden flute

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( Flute.png
Name wooden flute
Appearance flute
Base price 12 zm
Weight 5
Material wood
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

The wooden flute is a musical instrument in NetHack. It is a tonal instrument that shares the same appearance with another flute, the magic flute.


Applying the wooden flute will prompt you to "improvise"; improvising with it will exercise your dexterity, while choosing not to improvise will let you play a specific set of notes. If the player has enough experience and dexterity, improvising may make nearby snakes peaceful. The snake-charming effect will occur if (1dDex + Xlvl) is 27 or greater.[1]

When played, it will either "trill" (which pacifies snakes) or "toot".


The wooden flute is the lightest of all instruments, and a worthwhile candidate to carry to the Castle to play the passtune. However, the magic flute weighs the same and is probably a better choice if you can find it, due to its additional effect of putting monsters to sleep.

The two flutes are fairly easy to distinguish from each other via price identification and use testing. A magic flute with charges will play "soft music"; an uncharged magic flute behaves the same as a wooden flute, but is only likely to occur in bones.


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