Wooden flute

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( Flute.png
Name wooden flute
Appearance flute
Base price 12 zm
Weight 5
Material wood
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

A wooden flute is a musical instrument. It can be used to play notes to guess the passtune. Improvising with it will exercise your dexterity. Also, if the player has enough experience and dexterity, improvising with it will make nearby snakes peaceful. When played, it will either "trill" (which pacifies snakes) or "toot."

The snake-charming effect will occur if (1dDex + Xlvl) is 27 or greater[1].


There are two types of musical instrument with the appearance of flute, the magical magic flute and this. There are quite a few different ways to tell them apart. First of all, there is the scroll of identify and its spellbook counterpart. Secondly, a charged magic flute will play soft music, note that this does not auto identify the flute. Thirdly, the price of the two flutes are different, thus they can be price-IDed.

A magic flute with no charges left behaves as a normal wooden flute and will produce the same messages.


Being the lightest of all instruments, the wooden flute is a worthwhile candidate to carry with you to play the passtune. However, the magic flute, at the same weight, is probably a better choice if you can find it due to its additional effect of being able to put monsters to sleep.


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