Wooden flute

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( Flute.png
Name wooden flute
Appearance flute
Base price 12 zm
Weight 5
Material wood
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

A wooden flute is a type of tool that appears in NetHack. It is a tonal musical instrument that is naturally made of wood, and appears as a flute when unidentified.


Elven Priests and Wizards have a 16 chance of starting the game with a wooden flute.[1]

In addition to random generation, wooden flutes may be sold in hardware shops.


Applying a wooden flute and improvising with it exercises dexterity, and has a chance of pacifying nearby snakes based on dexterity and experience level - the effect occurs when the sum of your character's experience level and the roll of a dexterity-sized die is equal to or greater than 27.[2][3]


The wooden flute is tied with the magic flute for the lightest tonal instrument and can be used to play the passtune at the Castle, though the magic flute can serve the same purpose with the addition of being able to lull monsters to sleep.


The two flutes are fairly easy to distinguish from each other via price identification and use testing. A magic flute with charges will play "soft music" and cause nearby monsters to stop moving due to falling asleep (or else display a sparkle animation if they resist) - an uncharged magic flute behaves the same as a wooden flute, but is only likely to be found in bones.


The wooden flute first appears in NetHack 3.0.0.


The <flute> toots.
You improvised with a wooden flute.
The <flute> trills.
You pacified snakes while playing a flute.



In SLASH'EM, a wooden flute can be upgraded into a magic flute.


In dNetHack, the Troubadour role starts with knowledge of the wooden flute and a 12 chance of their starting tonal instrument being a wooden flute.

The wooden flute is the secondary viable instrument for playing Lullaby, Meditative Healing, Lethargy, and Friendship via the Troubadour's musicalize spell skill.


SlashTHEM retains the ability to upgrade wooden flutes into magic ones. In addition, the Bard role starts with knowledge of the wooden flute and a 12 chance of starting with one, as in dNetHack.

The wooden harp is the preferred instrument for playing Drowsiness via the musicalize spell skill, and is an alternate instrument for playing Lullaby.