Ice box

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( Ice box.png
Name ice box
Appearance ice box
Base price 42 zm
Weight 900
Material plastic
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

An ice box is a very heavy container, the main use of which is to keep corpses fresh. Corpses in an ice box will not age and will remain fit to eat or sacrifice indefinitely. They will continue decaying where they left off when removed from the box, and will be tainted if they were before being placed in the box.

Ice boxes are rare, but are occasionally randomly generated in the dungeons and can also appear in general stores, delicatessens, and hardware stores. (Food stores will not buy ice boxes.) An ice box can be generated with up to 20 corpses in it, and some might be too heavy to remove. However, as long as no one corpse is too heavy to carry it's possible to patiently #loot and then drop (or eat) the corpses until the box is empty. If a container is polymorphed, all items that were in it, including heavy corpses, will be destroyed. (In SLASH'EM polymorphing items is temporary, so a polymorphed ice box will eventually revert to a useful empty one.)

Some players bring an ice box containing booze and snacks for the demigod bar when they ascend. Because ice boxes are heavy, this is a challenge (unless they are wished for just before ascending).

Ice boxes are waterproof. They have no locks. Potions do not freeze or shatter in an ice box.

In SLASH'EM, there is a new type of shop, the frozen food store, which contains mainly ice boxes.