Wand of healing

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Name healing
Appearance random
Base price 150 zm
Weight 7
Type beam
Maximum charges 13
Monster use May be used defensively by monsters.

The wand of healing is a wand added in SLASH'EM. Zapping yourself will heal 5d6 HP, up to the maximum and will exercise strength. Zapping a monster will heal 5d2 HP, +5 if the wand is blessed or cursed[1]. This means that a cursed wand of healing is more potent than an uncursed wand.


You begin to feel better
You zapped yourself with a wand of healing
The bugs on the <floor> look healthier!
You engraved with a wand of healing or a wand of extra healing
Foo begins to look better
A monster was affected by a zapped wand of healing
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